Worst/scariest experience with Rust

What was your worst experience in the game? Mine was finally getting some really good loot for the very first time, and not even being able to keep it for 1 minute do to hackers. Losing blueprints before using them is pretty bad too (which has happened to me a bunch of times). So what is your worst experience?

spawning near clan houses and getting insta-killed by M4’s.
spawning near nothing and having no food to find out later i am killed by a clan.
spawning near food and getting killed by two bears.
spawning in radiation and killed by zombies.
spawning by shacks of unfriendly people, who KOS (kill on sight).
getting killed in spawn period by anyone.

The worst one so far was getting raided by 8-9 people while trying to fend em off as 2.

some guy with a gun was sneaking up behind me while i was mining, i ran around the rock and jumped on top of it and got behind him and smacked him like 3 times and he fired his gun and ran off and i took off in the other direction lol. felt like a badass…then got killed by a bear.

Dem fucking dropbears will getcha man.

get raped by the plane driver