Worst Server Owner Ever!?

I want to warn you about a darkrp server. I can’t tell the IP because that is advertising I guess but their name is RiP. The server owner (Shank!) is the worst server owner ever. Its a small server that has 20 slots but surprisingly they are almost full most of the time. I have multiple reasons to make me believe that he should never own a server.

1: He doesnt care about anyone on his server because he never listens to them. He removed people being able to adv. dupe because “we don’t need it”

2: I joined the game and became a mobboss. I wanted to be a mobboss and raid and all that good stuff. He joins, sets my team to citizen, and becomes mobboss. Then I try to demote him from mobboss and he threatens to ban me.

3: He doesnt care about anyone. Whenever you need help he never comes (he is too busy driving around town with a jeep that has 100 props welded to it) he sends another admin.

4: Yesterday when he was “angry” he went on a total rage and started killing everyone with rpgs and shotguns while no clipping. It almost looked like a zuthar video :expressionless:

5: He admin abuses all the time and all the other admins cant do anything about it because he owns the server.

this isn’t advertising right? Just watch out for this server because it is total crap


For number 1, why would any server owner let you use an adv. dupe?

How many threads like this are complaining about servers?

I love using adv. dupe to make my buildings/walls and such accurate. without them i cant do a lot of things

Adv dupe is almost useless anyway, there’s a workshop-based dupes system already in 13

Move on!

Wasn’t there a thread that was basically: “Post the Worst Admins Ever” or something like that?

I went on that server yesterday. I cannot unsee.

its his server and he is paying for it, so he can pretty much do whatever he wants. Just find a new server to play on