Worst Texture ever?


Yeah it’s bad. Clip it off then offset it outwards a bit, maybe it will look a tiny tiny bit better then. :rolleyes:


It looks too 2d for a trim texture.





I can’t remember if it was meant as a trim texture, it looks more like a cabinet tex to me.

I think that man is right.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen any serious mapper use Robmaister’s texture on a real map. It’s so useless! It irks me.

Valve used it sparingly in HL2

I guess making it the default starting texture really made people associate that texture with an unlit, hollowed out box with just that texture.

you forgot


Did Valve actually use it in HL2? I only remember seeing it in the map “Get your free TVs”

Is Rob’s logo actually of any significance?

But I liked that texture when used right. :frown:

doesn’t change the fact that people still equate that texture with a novice mapper. I will say that it does actually look pretty nice if used properly, and sparingly.

Yeah I know, but I’d never relate it to a novice mapper if I hadn’t began using hammer. :rolleye:

I think it looks pretty good here:


yea. it looks great. now if it was used on the walls…

It’s actually a good texture if you use it in the right areas, only problem is I almost never find a use for it.

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Yeah, it can be very ugly. But I think it can be useful if it is in the right place.

I think it would look better with a normal map, it simply looks too… Two Dimensional.

Can’t you run it through something that adds bumpmaps? Could help a bit.