Worst thing you've done to another player?

I met a friendly player, “befriended” him for two days until he broughtme to his base, then realized he had this huge stockpile (multiples of every gun, resources, supplies) - so much for one person.so I took a shotgun from one of the crates and shot him in the head as he was turned around telling me about another crate loaded with stuff. I felt bad bc he was actually trying to help me, but hey we all have one messed up encounter. Karma eventually came back to give me my own dose hah.

So be honest, most of us have been ruthless at some point in this game.
What’s your worst story?

I once shot a fresh spawn. Worst thing I’ve done.

Base camped a newish player and piped him when he was coming out the front door of his 1x1. Broke his sleeping bag, took all his stuff, and he flipped out over global chat and rage quit. :frowning: I felt really bad afterwards because I totally ruined his experience on that server.

I’ve never really backstabbed anyone who didn’t deserve it. I ran a hotel for noobs back when there was a giant influx of new players once Rust got popular. I had about 12 floors and people had their own floors with their own codes to their floors. I got betrayed by someone named Bear Grylls and he sold out the main entrance codes to a large clan that treated the server like Call of Duty. Most of the rooms got raided including mine on the top floor that overlooked small radtown valley from the mountains. He wasn’t part of their clan he said he just wanted to fuck everyone over.

I’ve met Bear Grylls before! Man that’s a shitty move by him :frowning:

I’ve never done anything like that. In fact I’ve pretty much ignore everyone and do my own thing. I defend myself but that’s it. I used to be very helpful to other players but hearing all these (from the forums not this thread) stories makes me not want to trust anyone. lol

I once almost did something horrible. It was my second game and I found this guy near small Rad. He let me in for the night and gave me food. He took me inside his loot rome. Of course I opened a box and saw an MP5. Took the M5 and pointed it at the back of his had while he was crafting. Thought really hard weather I should steel all his stuff or not. Decided not to do it, put the gun back and played with him until the server wiped.

Was the right decision since I gained a friend.

I C4’d the door on a 2x2 house a couple days ago. I changed the door by one of mine, and unlocked it. I have full access to his house, and come every once in a while while he’s offline (i look through the cracks to see if he’s sleeping) and help myself with some of his farm. I never take too much at once, so that he doesn’t suspect anything.

Chasing a player with a gun till he starved to death. :tinfoil:/:dance:

Hah I’ve heard a lot of people doing this. Pretty clever

I blocked up a guy inside his house by building a foundation with four walls infront of his only door / entrance. I knew he had no C4 so he lost all his shit with his house. Felt a bit mean afterwards :quagmire:

You really acted like an asshole… you will certainly directly go to hell after a move like that…

Hey thanks!

Was with 5 guys. Forced a guy at gunpoint to kneel at an abandoned wooden foundation. Meanwhile we crafted 4 walls and a ceiling. Then it was, plop, plop, plop, plop, plop, and he was locked in :stuck_out_tongue:

Laughed our ass off, he was begging us to remove a wall but eventually he suicided as he had no C4 on him and we could not bother :stuck_out_tongue:

I met a guy on rust and played for a few days while he talked sweet. So eventually we met in real life and played rust side by side. He even asked me to marry him and I said yes.

Then one day, when he left the house to go get supplies at the grocery store, I changed the locks and and left his computer on the doorstep. I signed on Rust and killed his sleeping body and destroyed his sleeping bag. For the last few months (over 1000 hours) he had built me a mansion, collected so much loot I could swim in guns like Scrooge McDuck. The entire time I was plotting, knowing I had no interest in being his friend or wife. It was all about Rust.

Ahh yes, the long con. I am sure one day karma will get me, but it will all be worth it.

Yay video games!

  • Earned trust of play
  • heard door code through direct chat
  • robbed player and posted video on you tube and these forums
  • group argued with each other and thought it was an inside job
  • got robbed back due to video

Wait wait wait… hold on.
No way this is true, please tell me that I’m being ridiculous for even entertaining the idea that this is true lol.

Nothing bad. Mostly give them stuff… think once I locked someone in a 1x1… :wink:

An admin following me around because I was being suspected of cheating went afk so I built barricades and lit fires up around him.

Other than that, KOSing everyone.

Hahah this made my day.