WoT models: FV4005 II

A very basic ragdoll of the FV4005 from World of Tanks that I made mostly because I was bored and had the parts lying around.

Sorry for not much in the way of moving parts, I’m going to have to redo the model later anyway, I’ll add them in post.

A pseudo tank destroyer based of the Centurion hull made for the British armed forces mounting an enormous 183mm cannon. Due to the huge size of the rounds an automatic loading system was devised, but there were space problems with the turret and the whole thing ended up cancelled.

A single prototype was made, which remains on display.

Please report any bugs you find.

Wargaming for World of Tanks
The people who made the WoT file extractor, forgot your names, sorry you guys
The kind people of facepunch for helping me figure out how to fix the bump maps.