WoT Pack #1 - German Tank Destroyers First Line


Here is the first line of German Tank Destroyers from World of Tanks. This pack took me a while to do. WoT team did a great job on them along with all the skinners that did custom skins for WoT. I highly suggest you to go visit the website of World of Tanks and try their game. It’s really fun and it’s worth it.

WIP Thread: http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1009188-World-of-Tanks-WIP-Thread

Download : http://www.gamefront.com/files/20687393/WoT+Pack+%231+-+German+Tank+Destroyers.rar

Content :
Each tank destroyer have 4 bodygroups. 1 : Hull 2 : Track 3 : Track 4 : Guns (Number vary from 2 to 4) 2 subgroups per gun
Panzerjäger I
Marder II
Stug III
Jagdpanzer IV

Pictures :









Credits : World of Tanks developpers


Keep up the good work, BtZ!

Nice work!


I love you so much, hehe reminds me of asking you like 20 times how to install the “DOD hex” pack.


Hnnnnghhh holy shit

I love the Jagdpanther god damn


Totally awesome! The only thing we need is a good WW2 map for these :stuck_out_tongue:

The Resistance and Liberation maps are very good for World War 2 poses!


Did you see the Fifth screen, the last tank in the right…the Hellghast symbol?..or not? =O

Awesome pack u got my download :wink:


I saw it but I never paid attention to it. What is it?


that look like that symboll :open_mouth:

I love the destroyed models :v:

Awesome, cant wait to spawn my angry turtle! (Hetzer)
Great Release.

Oh man, awesome. Will you do the American TDs next? I want the M10 and Jackson (it’s not a slugger, dammit) so bad, seeing as the museum I worked at a while ago had an M36 and it was our pride and joy.

I don’t what I will actually do as next tree but I will try to do some russians or americans. Which museum did you work in? I really like museum.

The Military Museum of Southern New England. Don’t work there anymore as I had to move, but it’s a great little place.

nice realy nice small question: how many german tanks are there still to go ? i see you have alot of them now, im quite intrested

gr. ide

5 Arty, a lot of light and mediums. Most of the Premium tanks and most of the heavys. I have to redo some because they have more guns and some are badly rigged.