Would a 'portal' brush be possible?

About a year ago, I had a great idea for a map, and this was really weird because I made a very cool looking station (at least, in my eyes it was, as I wasn’t as good as I am now…which wasn’t very far, but what I achieved look nice nonetheless) to go with it.

Now, the only thing that made the map instantly die, was no portal brushes. People say “just use teleporters” but the fact that teleporters zap you from point A to point B no matter where it is, it can mess up constraints really badly.

Inevitably, you wanted this, but the map mainly had a track in it. :v: We had a plan for a big but not so high build area (high, by about 1/3 of the grid, because the original plans for the track took up so much space in my head). The map was going to seem completely level, which would make people pretty happy, and the map could be looped, and include sections of different maps, e.g. 2fort for example. There is a track on the front, and would’ve looked pretty cool if we did it up a bit.

Sadly, when I discussed to my friend how I realised there was no way we could accomplish this, we looked for alternatives, but it died because there weren’t any that we were looking for.

Now, this is where I suggest a ‘portal’ brush. Currently, in Portal, if you place Portal A and Portal B, it is a smooth transition from Point A to point B, C, D, etc and those two portals can be connected no matter what you bloody do (if they are open, in Portal, at least). Now, similar to this, I made a quick “Portal Brush” sketch. It works very much like a portal in Portal, only it’s a brush. So you can mess with it :v:


Featured in this picture, are two examples. In both is an orange block, lets say this represents a TRIGGER texture block with the property “func_portal”. I name one portal1 and the other portal2. I link it up to portal1, and in the next picture, it shows up like this:


See? Very much like Portal’s portal.

I’ve sent this to Gabe, and I hope for a response. :3:

I think that this would help alot, and to balance out the rendering issues, it could act like an area portal in the Flags section.

Replied-to emails

Would need for extensive coding if that is what you want.

I’m aware of that, but I should have mentioned it in the post.


But wouldn’t teleports mess up contraptions that would use them to get around? Granted you need a few brushes and can teleport if the whole thing is in the teleporter, but I’m using things such as trains which can be small or long, and some people have them very long, so if a train goes into a teleporter like your video (at least I think it was yours, I watched) it’ll get zipped and the whole thing will destroy itself because the other half is back all the way on the other side of the map :v:

And actually, just realised, plane maps could use this, if you used them as giant brush walls that would never end. This would make flying very cool.

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God damnit firegod :saddowns:

Anything is possible but this would be VERY hard to do.

Could they not base it off the portal code and add onto it?

Look at all the fail portalgun sweps on garrysmod.org and then tell me if this is possible.

portal gun isn’t fail if you know LUA and how to fix it. The ones on garrysmod.org are fail but the one I have isn’t but thats another topic for another board thread.

The thing is nobody except for valve have access to the portal engine code. With it, we would of had a working portal gun and plenty of portal stuff already.

If only…


I had already emailed Gabe about it, but sadly it’s the weekend, so I have to hope he responds on Monday :frown:

Even if he responds, which I doubt, he won’t provide coding help and won’t release any code.

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Interlopers would be a better bet.

Gabe would say deal with it.

Actually, as a matter of fact, you’re all wrong!

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I was so fucking excited when I got the email just a minute ago :fuckyou:

Now THAT’S service

It’s also the first time I got a reply from anyone at Valve! :pseudo:

Told you only valve could do it.

I forgot what was here, but I can’t use it against you :saddowns:

You said that, but, you didn’t say they would. :v:

Well only valve has code to the engine so only valve could