Would a 'portal' brush be possible?

Well of course. Otherwise there would be news of someone having access to the engine as well.

Valve, Garry, Outerlight, Interwave, shall I go on?

Garry said that he doesn’t have Portal’s source code, which is why the Portal gun isn’t included as a default weapon

when the valve employee typed it would “not be in TF2 only in Portal2” does that mean it wont be in gmod either? (i know it sounds it wont but OP seemed a bit to happy for it not to be included in gmod, as he posted in Gmod/mapping)

We don’t map just for gmod in here. We map for the source engine which gmod can mount about any source engine game.

Maybe they’ll allow Garry access to this code for use in Gmod. Valve are pretty cool guys and I think they like gmod, so why not?

They like it because it makes them money, if it didn’t they’d hate it :v:

We gotta send them ideas that is almost like portal 2 stuff, to get info about it from them!

P. sure when you license Source you get Source, not just a specific engine iteration. One of the reasons GMod doesn’t have a Portal gun is because it’s a cunt to get working correctly.

Hey guys, ‘only valve’ dosnt’ have access to the portal gun code.

Actually, they fucking explained HOW THE PORTALGUN WORKS.

They said it’s buggy, but theres like a 10 minute video on ‘portal theory’

The portalgun supposadley ‘edits’ the game’s brush collision, the only ‘magical’ thing that is happening with the portal gun is that valve somehow-- actually, it wouldn’t be hard. it wouldn’t be hard AT ALL to make a portalgun in garrysmod, all you would need to do is make a lua code that magically edits the collision of a brush, and creates a clone of stuff that goes through the portal on the other end.

Not as easy as it sounds.

Trigger_teleport with ladmark entity would do the job.

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But then the portals must point to same direction.

Go ahead.

Aye, I made this test a while ago:

I hope Garry will update to Portal 2 engine, it has so much new stuff.

Not gunna happen.

Doubtful, he skipped L4D because it required higher-end systems, then many on older computers would no longer be able to play Garry’s Mod.

Plus, L4D was a dead-end branch of the Source Engine, it wasn’t mainly about physics and stuff, much like the Orange Box branch of the Source Engine. Portal will mainly be about lighting I think.

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Same reason only very few considered trying the Alien Swarm engine. It’s top-down view and lighting made it a dead-end branch.

Updates to the orange box, for now, are the way forward. Until Episode 3, we’re sticking to the OB engine, unless Valve brings out a good enough branch of the Engine that doesn’t end.


He already said he would.

proof please…

Ok, I already believe you, but a link would be nice though. :smug: