Would any of you take my request for a map?

Seein as im terrible at making things in hammer, i want to ask you guys. Im going to start explaining what i think would be neato-burrito.

-Fallout-esk bunker, with multiple floors for, living quarters, Dinning room, Kitchen, Security station ( Has like shooting range and all that cool stuff) , A jail, and a office for the leader with master controls for all of the vital stuff, And a Labratory.

-Vital stuff. Oxygen supply, Vault door keeping us in and the outside, outside. also some other things

-Secret entry and exit points.

-Oxygen system, The outside is bad, and will kill anyone not in a hazmat suite (Using the Gbombs prottection radiation suit) now the oxygen can be contaminated in a area, that area will auto lockdown, and the rest will stay safe. Somehow people will have to fix the breach.

-Outside. The outside will have buildings and the entrance to the vault will be hidden. And password protected (Set by the leader) You could survive in it by wearing a radiation suit, or something else.

-Overview. I think that alot of people would like a map of this type, and it would be an amazing RP type server, because people could be exiled into the outside were its not safe (Just cause of radiation.)

-Spawn. Doesnt have to be over done, just like in a lobbyish area in the vault.

Thanks for considering this mappers. I appreciate it!

Sure, if you’re willing to pay for both the Lua scripting and mapping.

Funny story I’ve been browsing post apocalyptic maps and this one kinda fits the bill

It even has a medical area, power room, and what seems to be an air thing where you can open a hatch.

That would be good, but there isnt a surface :z

Maybe separate the two on two servers? have one sever be topside and have a point you enter that connects you to the bunker server?

I just want to mess around in singleplayer. Couldnt someone just splice two maps together?

Mapping’s not that simple, y’know.

i think this is what you are looking for