Would any one like to fix up this gamemode with me?

i want to start another server but i dont know what gamemode to do?

DarkRP is probably your best bet ;____;

Pick a gamemode that everyone likes. There are plenty of gamemodes that people tend to enjoy. For example, Extreme Football Throwdown. Try that one out. If you dont like it, change it. If your players like it, keep it and make another server. Dont do what this kid said and make a darkrp.

You might want to go for something original Like a Custom coded roleplay sever that uses no money printers/Vehicles involved

sure, if he wants no playerbase

you profile picture very horrortic…

what are some fun played a lot gamemodes besides Rp


TTT, but I wouldn’t mess with that.
You could try doing a deathmatch server. there isnt much of those around.

You could always make a theater/cinema server for your friends to watch videos together on. This kind of server requires much less work from admins and you, and it’s a passive gamemode that is fun for everyone.