Would anybody be willing to make a LUA "Nazi Zombies" type gamemode?

I’m making a map (which by the way, I need help with, the thread is here) that is going to be very much like Nazi Zombies, and I’m thinking about a LUA Gamemode that would basically allow you to accumulate ‘points’, and you can buy certain weapons with different amounts of points, maybe a random-weapon function (like the random-box in Nazi Zombies), and doors that open, but with the cost of points when you press E on them. There wouldn’t have to be waves, but Zombies would become more and more numerous along with more and more powerful. I know that this and custom weapons, etc, sounds like a lot, so I’m wondering if anybody would be willing to make this since I don’t understand LUA at all.

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Could we get a few screenshots of the map? This is probably the most honestly worded request I’ve seen, and I like that.

It’s extremely WIP, as of now, it’s a basic room with a board in the center of it, a doorway to an outside area, and a zombie. The board can be picked up and placed on the door and it sticks, but I can’t think of a way to get more than one board to do the same, and I can’t get the fucking zombie to attack the board. I can think of a simple way to fix the multiple-board solution (it wouldn’t make sense if I explained it, you’d have to know how the barricade system completely works), but I want a better way. I plan on making it a large building with several rooms, all with several entrances to demote camping.\

Also, what do you mean by “honestly worded”?

Most requests either go:



I’m not going to do anything, and be creative lead.

When you’ve got enough progress to pic, I’d post again.

It’s going to be a while (or never :slight_smile: because nobody is replying to my thread asking for help.

Ahh Nazi zombies I’d totally be down to help code that.

use a npc_bullseye to make it attack the boards, but usually for a gamemode, you’d do all that stuff (spawning zombies, sticking planks etc) in Lua, and the map would simply specify the player’s spawn and various spawnpoints for zombies with info_zombie_spawn ents.
This gamemode is sort of like the Onslaught conman’s working on, but with Nazis and in a house?

I’d you read my other thread you’d know that I am using an npc_bullseye, but the zombie refuses to use it.

Try and look for fortess survival, It’s sort of a nazi zombie’ish mode( zombies are npcs as well )