Would anybody like to see a "Hardcore" mode?

So recently my friends and I have realized that we are in the position to create a server that would be “Hardcore” soon.

What Hardcore means is that if somebody dies they will be booted from the server for a set period of time, they can not rejoin until their deathtimer is up.

It would make dying a much bigger deal and I think people would be much much more careful with who they trust and what they do. It would totally change Rust’s gameplay.

I remember seeing a post on here about something similar… But I want to know how interested people are in this idea…

Some questions for you guys…

  1. Would you play hardcore mode?

  2. How long would a reasonable timer be? 5 minutes? 10 minutes? An hour? A day?

  3. Would you consider making a server like this full time? Or just for fun?


Hacking would destroy this game mode…

Yes it would, but hacking destroys any gamemode IMO.

We have no life and will constantly admin the server.

2mins would be long enough, but add included consequences like:

  • lose a percentage of your research (possibly even all of it).
  • lose the keys to your house (pass code change)
  • killer possibly loot “key” from body to raid house
  • make death timer longer a depending on how long you have been alive for and/or how much research you have (so more advanced players have more to lose than younger spawns).

Also need dynamic safe spawn points or iminuty time when you 1st re-join.

I realise this wood make beds redundant if you lost your door access. Possibly have a bed or sleeping bag would reduce your death timer. But possibly only has a set amount of uses before you lose your bed.
Also suicide would need to be disabled.

This is what i feel a hardcore server should do, if possible (and once i get my hands on magma and start modding, I could probably set this up.)

1.) Decreased Maximum Calories: 3000 => 2000

2.) Increase in bleeding damage

3.) Bandages have a 50% of working Small medkits 75% Large Medkits 100%

4.) Resource Scarcity (less lumber and stones)

5.) Increase in required resources for items

6.) Agrizoophobia: ALL animals will chase you down and kill you and previously aggressive animals have a 25-50% larger detection range.

Suicide can just count as a death.

So you can still do it, but you would just be wrecking yourself.

True. Also probably necessary if your get stuck somewhere (alpha).

Yeah make this game more like War Z so it can die. None of these “hardcore” features are really “hardcore”. Want hardcore? Try perma-death. 24 hour lockout. I mean whats this thing that this community keeps clouting? Oh yes, thats right its a herpderp survival game huehuehue. In the end this feature is nothing more than a redundant feature and honestly a colossal waste of time.

Not even 24 hour but banned till next wipe - thats hardcore - whoever left on the server wins.

Yes I will play 1-2 hours at day.

seems like its set up for a ghost server. noone would bother waiting around to log back in.

Obvious winner.