Would anyone be interested in a Garry's Mod-specific server-ranking website?

My idea is that the site would be a minimalist layout with 50 servers on a page. They could be sorted by ranking (Players can sign up for an account and upvote/downvote servers, provide reviews etc.), name, gamemode type etc. The server owners would be able to put a direct link to their content pack and forums, and each server would have a clickable link which launches Garry’s Mod and joins the server.

I’m sure I’d be able to integrate other useful features, but those are my thoughts for the minute.

The problem with this is that it needs a lot of users to be good, Something you can’t have when you start it up. It’s a good idea though, Garry’s new serverbrowser should have a ranking of each server.

That’s the initial problem. I figure if I can get some interest in Facepunch, and get affiliation with some popular servers, it might just well take off.

This has been done time and time again. What ends up happening is the communities that care get their members to constantly upvote and after a month or so it simply dies (and everyone stops caring). As a project it’s probably worth exploring but as a serious project it isn’t worth your time.

I swear to god I saw this same idea a year ago.

Kingofbeast made this a while ago. No idea what happened with it though.