Would anyone be interested in seeing me finish this?

Well I’ve taken a gander at the old BioShock map, and it seems dead as a doornail. So in spirit of the 2nd games’ release.
I’ve decided to makeee drum roll RP_Rapture? ( Definitely not official name )
I’m not going for an exact replica but a general style of such.

I’m still being picky myself with the lightening. I know “Where are the light sources?” I’ve got a few but some just looked extremely out of place so need some better models.
As I’ve already said… I’m probably the worst at textures and models. Help would be much appriciated. I am in dire need of a glass texture that works. For some reason Foda’s texture keeps showing up as the pink/black checkered crap.

Put light in it so I can judge better.

The part that’s already done looks good, but it really needs lighting and maybe some decal work before I can really say either way.

Okay thanks much to the both of you for input. ( sincerely )
I’ve only put in about 2 hours worth of work on the brushes and then finding proper textures that
fitted my perception of the “Bioshock” look. I’d give another hour or so worth of lighting but
unfortunately I have school in the morning. Needless to say I will put more work into it. If anyone
has a straight turquoise texture that’d work wonders for my lighting plan.

oh yeah, taking a second look at that brushwork and texturing I must say you know what you’re doing. I don’t know if it’s intentional or not but those rounded elements near the bases of the railing and pillars are pretty common elements in Art Deco style of architecture, which is pretty much the entire art direction of Bioshock. If you do the lighting right, this could be really good.

Also, what type of map would this end up being?


Pictured: Strong rounded elements

Thanks it is semi-intentional. The “art deco” style is mainly why I chose the theme.
I was hoping at least ** someone ** would notice that.
I was thinking Rp but in order for it to be a Bioshock ropeplay I’d need to create
loads of sweps and such. Which I’d love to do but I’m still a beginner at modeling, and coding
so I suck at both at the moment.
So I’m more than likely just going to leave it at Gm so you can pretty much do whatever
you please with it. I plan on getting lighting and more detail done tonight. Not enough time when mixed with high school. Dx

What you’ve done so far looks good, though without lighting it’s hard to tell.

I would like to see you continue it.

Those tile textures are unaligned to the left of the first picture.

Any progress? The first post doesn’t really show enough…

What’s ropeplay?

I would like to see you do more on it before I decide, to be honest, I can barely make out things and would enjoy a less dev-textured, detailed room.

Looks like a BioShock reference. Rate me bad reading, didn’t bother to read the op, just look at the fullbright picture.

I would love you if you made a rapture map, it’d be amazing :smiley:

People have tried. (Oh and everyone has given up, I really wanted to see the finish of the one Foda was making.)

Okay update on my map =D

You should finish it for your own practice.

Could use some cubemaps, and light_spot instead of the normal light entity.


Okay so light_spot’s are better than regular lights? I’m inexperienced so
criticism would be greatly appriciated.
Also I used cubemaps and built them ingame but nothing changed/worked?