Would anyone happen to know what maps were used in these two screenshots?

These two screenshots were gotten of from Astronicholas’s “Resistance And Liberation: Miscellaneous Props” workshop item, so I don’t own any credit.



(Also I’ve read the rules, but I’m not quiet sure where to put this sort of question, if this is a wrong place to put it, then I have no complaints about it being removed.)

The map in your first screenshot is rp_outercanals_winter. No idea about the second one, but it doesn’t strike me as a particularly nice-looking one - you could probably put something together that looks a lot nicer in, say, five minutes (not counting the time it takes for the VGUI model browser to index everything) yourself if you fire up Hammer. Thirty minutes if you’ve never used Hammer before.

Ah ok really stupid question, but what exactly is Hammer tool?

Hammer’s the map editor (most) people use to make maps for games based on the Source engine. Unfortunately it’s a bit of a hassle to use, but fortunately there’s several tutorials out there that will make getting started a lot less painful than it used to be nowadays. This one is a good one to look at while setting up your workspace; actual mapping tutorials can be found in several places, and the Valve Dev Wiki has documentation on most of the things you’re likely to be using. You might find TWHL and the Interlopers community particularly useful if mapping strikes you as interesting enough to make a hobby of it.

Ya alright thanks I’ll look into it, I’m probably still going to leave this thread unsolved cause the second map is still unanswered, but thanks a bunch for find that first map.