Would anyone like to run a server?

Hello facepunch users. I owntwo servers, a 12 slot and 20 slot, Which used to be very active, I now do not have much time to manage them and they have gone down the toilet.
i need someone who is interested in running either 1 or both servers, i want 1 to be ttt, but one can be any gamemode you choose, I will pay the server bills, and you will get a portion of all donations recieved.
You can start both servers from scratch, all I ask is you keep the name. The name is |Domination gaming|
You will get Control panelacvess and FTP access, Website access also.
If anyone is interested, please reply and we can add eachother on steam and talk. Thank you.


i read the first sentence as toiletpunch, because face and toilet are close together

my server is about to expire, i wouldnt mind managing those servers for you. add me on steam

Replying. Very interested.

I can help you, I own and operate 3 servers (40 slot, 32 slot, 32 slot) and more servers would help us get more noticed and I don’t really care if you want to keep the name or not :slight_smile: Contact me on Steam (MonkeySpanker)

The real issue I see with this is that when a server gets popular you can take away our power and scripts for yourself.

Also, he’ll be able to take your custom code at any time places on Script Fodder maybe not selling it… but he could just give away your code you made, and such he is not a well established member of facepunch(nor I) I wouldn’t trust him with my code.

I’m really intresting in having a server but as Aeternal said I don’t want my scripts to be stolen.

The thing with stolen code is, people only steal your code if it’s good. Not saying you’re is not (I haven’t seen your code) but, I’d only be concerned if you’ve been coding for awhile, if you’re just coding some addons for TTT I wouldn’t be too scared, didn’t mean to scare everyone away.

Hey add me on steam, I would be willing to help you run your server

I would make a TTT server and help out

guys, i man youd be getting a percentage of the donations so it’s not like youd be coding and such for free.

I’m not saying that it’s a bad offer. Just that I don’t trust you :v:

AJ, i sent you a request on steam, your my first choice due to previous experience.

Or, because he’s the only one who really offered.(and did not notice that you do not capitalize any of your words.) Not trying to be rude, but at least try to act/type professionally.

I love “due to previous experience,” just because he owned a server doesn’t mean it was any good. If I had mentioned any of my past I would have gotten chosen over AJ more than likely.

Neither one capitalizes I’s… :c

you should not expect to see professional typing on facepunch of all places.

I don’t know, Swik is pretty good with his typing. “You should not expect to see professional typing on Facepunch.” Must I link you to a bunch of pages where most of the users had good grammar?