Would disabling solidity fix the T-Junction Error?

I am making a rather small yet very detailed map for machinima and of course I went over the T-Junction limit. I’m wondering if it would be worth it to make certain groups of brushes func_brushes and disable solidity? I’ve already tried propper, but since this “thing” is going over a window, it blocked all of the light, which I don’t want. Otherwise, I could go with something in between. Save the shadow-awesomeness but decrease how well the window looks. So, which one?



couldn’t you just disable shadows on the model created with propper?

That would let all of the light in, I’m trying to get a detailed shadow effect which I’ve done on a few other windows. This is also a very important one to get right since it covers pretty much the whole warehouse (which is the map).

run VRAD with the static prop parameters, it should work.


F9, Expert…, add these two parameters to VRAD right after -both

-StaticPropPolys -StaticPropLighting

I’m pretty sure I know what to do, but where do I find VRAD?

it should show up as the third program in the list, possibly as $rad_program? or something like that, I don’t have hammer open right now. Just click on the option (make sure to keep it checked) and in the larger box, paste that in…

I can’t find any $rad_program. Neither anything that has -both as a parameter.

hold on, I’m going to open hammer…


it was $light_exe…


I tried that, however vbsp got stuck at portal flow, so that’s probably not going to work. I just realized that my first theory would be obsolete. So instead, would a non-solid func_brush be as/less expensive as a normal world brush?