Would inmates in Nova Prospekt wear orange uniforms?

I know that every city has different uniforms, but I am just curious if the inmates would wear something like Orange or something. Anyone know?

Actually i am making a mod called “Nova Prospekt” it takes place… well in Nova Prospekt hence the name. But to answer your question, Yes they would wear orange uniforms but other wise they would be sent in with the blue jumpsuits then get when they enter city 17.

I don’t think it would matter what they wore. Most likely their normal blue jumpsuit. Nova Prospekt was used little as a penitentiary and more of a base where they would hold citizens and rebels who disobeyed captive and turn them into Stalkers or Soldiers. Thats why you see 3/5s if the prison cut off by huge mobile walls and combine enhancements. But looking at the Combine, it would be more blue/black/grey and not orange.