Would it be possibe to have a texture that appears 3D?

Like the thread says, I need a 2D texture that looks 3D.

The reason I posted this in mapping is because I was unsure whether there were alternatives to using a texture, and whether it could be achieved using fancy brush work or some crazy entity.

Thanks in advance.

I think that’s parallax textures, correct me if I’m wrong, but I seem to recall that there was some kind of parallax feature built into the Source engine, but never put into use…

Normal maps are the closest you’re going to get to parallax. I’ve heard of it being in source but I couldn’t find anything else about it or any examples of it working.

Parallex textures?

I think it’s the system the Oblivion/Fallout 3 engine uses to make its textures/impact decals to look 3D. Heavy on processing power.

Normal maps work fine and give great shadowing effects anyway, though, so you can just use them for now.

Parallax Occlusion shader download

Tutorial on how to add/use it

I’m not sure if it works in any of the new source games as I have not tested it, but it will work in CSS.

Ssbm is the closest you will get

Parallax isn’t practical enough to use.

Parallax is the best method, SSBump is the closest you are going to get to parallax in the Source engine for now.

Hopefully when valve finally use it they could also maybe make animated water, like what GTA4 and Crysis has, maybe not as advanced as GTA4’s implementation though (Deformable by objects).