Would it be possible to rip something out of SteamVR

Aight so, would anyone know if there’s a way to pull the assets out of the new SteamVR Home update that has the TF2 Boxing Ring?

The Gym has assets from the Facemovie props that haven’t been leaked before like the rest of the SFM Beta Leak has, and I would like to get a hold of all the stuff in there. The stuff that’s in there ranges from weight equipment (that’s textures are within the leaked files, but don’t have models associated with the textures), to empty uniform lockers; pretty sure it even has the Expiration Date bucket that isn’t as useful. If the robots from the set have animations on their models, then there could be unused animations on them; for all I know there could be more assets that’s within the files that aren’t put inside the map.

I don’t have anything in order to use SteamVR, and have never done anything of the sort of ripping stuff out of it, so I wouldn’t know if it’d be possible to pull stuff out of something like that.

Here’s the link to the Boxing Ring workshop page.

Apologies in advance for the inconvenience.

Update, I got the VPK and ripped everything out, but I have no way of porting these Source 2 assets to Source. There are a good amount of models, animations, and sounds in here, and I hope I can have this stuff ripped out for usage elsewhere.

If someone can help with porting all these assets (mainly the models, materials and sounds) to Source 1, that would mean a lot to me since these assets could be used for a lot of stuff, whether it be SFM shorts to maps and whatnot. I’m a sucker for this sorta stuff, and I hope I can at least have all of these assets ported.

Again, sorry for the bother.