Would it be too much to map my own house?

yeah, i’m a long-time valvE fan, and have been tinkering around with Hammer for the past couple weeks.

Well, i’m ready to test my skills. Would it be too geeky or hard to map my own split-level house? and if I posted it on http://www.garrysmod.org/ , would anyone play it?

No, and most likely no, unless it looked epic.

I hope your house is big…thats all I can say

If it was an epic house, I would download it.

It’s never too geeky. Apperently, if you map, your a geek, so, you’ve already failed in that.

And it might be too hard, you can still test your skills.

But it wouldn’t be too radical to do it? I’ve got too much time on my hands, and estimate it’ll take about 2 weeks.

The problem is, I haven’t seen anyone else do it. Just the generic suburb houses.

Most of the “epic” houses take a lot longer, or you have to be a very good mapper, with insight.

But that’s me, I can only map 30 min, then I HAVE to do something else. Good luck.

well, i just need some floor plans, then. The last time i tried recreating my house in a video game was in the Sims 2… It was horribly out of proportion

Generally the house maps are used for practice, and aren’t released unless as part of a larger rp map. And the only good ones are the shiny ones with really modern design and clean textures.

and i assume those aren’t included in hammer…

Point is, you in games you got 1 general walking/running/etc animation, IRL you walk past stuff so ingame the house you live in is quite very small and feels like no room at all.
Also you cant interact with chairs, beds, etc.

This my friend is wrong, you can easily create some beds with verhicles in it pointing upright.
Also for the chairs, the same only a diffrent angle.

And, what do you mean with no room at all? If it is recreated with normal measurements?

You can map your house if you want, after all you’re a mapper.

But people will only play it if say… there was a big umbrella lab underneath :3:

If you want to do it properly, get yourself a camera, make your own textures, models and so on, it’s a pretty big endeavor, but it would be one hell of a portfolio piece if you plan to go into 3d design for games.

Well the first thing you’re going to want to do is draw a floor plan of your house, that way you will be less likely to get things out of proportion when you start making it. I say go for it, it’s a great learning experience.
I wouldn’t release it though, what I would do is make a few more houses that are different and add them into a bigger map.
Good luck

Also don’t try to be inch-to-inch accurate. Make your house walls 128 units high even if they aren’t 128 inches in real life, same with doors, stick to hammer dimensions. That’s a good way to make sure you stay in scale.

make it a rats map

if i was you i’d make your house better than it actually is in game so you would get more downloads

If we could see a few interior pics of your house, then maybe we could make a decission on it, but it sounds good to me!

nice idea, Remember it must look epicly epic and awesomely awesome.

I’ll do it just gimme pictures of your house