Would like some code for my minecraft bow

Well as the title helpfully suggests, I recently modelled, textured and recorded sounds for a bow I intend on seeing become a good swep.
At the moment, it’s using code of a prop thrower, which of course, is not so great.

It would be handy if the arrows it shot could stick into walls with the appropriate sound, and the arrows could actually fire in the right direction.
Obviously those are the most required features, but it would be nice if it had others such as the arrows following an arch, the arrows being able to be picked up again, or the arrows coming down realisticly if shot right up. Arrows arrows arrows.

So generally, the closer it emulates the minecraft bow the better!

Here’s some proof of effort on my part:


As for payment, I’m not entirely sure what I could provide, I have TF2 items and whatnot if anything takes your fancy (Except hats unfortunately, I barely have enough to feed me’ kids, and those that I do have I hold dear) so I guess as far as payment is concerned, I’ll try and provide what you would need (If you want payment of course, I don’t want to dissuade you, but…)

So if you’re interested in making one of the worlds first ever minecraft-source weapon crossovers, then send me a PM and i’ll give any details you need!

Thanks for any considerations!

You could base it on this http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=19175