Would my PC run this?

Im interested in buying this game and wondering if my computer would run in on low settings. thanks.
Core I5 processor
Intel HD 4000 (i have heard this is having problems for this game)
8 gb of ram


Theres a little bit in ways of optimization for the team to complete, especially in certain scenarios, like going up stairs etc, which will make even the most pwerful computers experience bursts of low frame rates, but I would say you have enough RAM and any i5 should. Your graphics card is not as purty but I’d say you should be able to run it. Its not the most intensive of games, but has that that huge rendering aspect like other large map mmos and being in alpha has much development to go in all departments, including optimizing gameplay.

Of course this doesnt take into fact any possibilities of hardware or software conflicts, but I think you’ll be fine.

10-25 fps dude…

really, even with low gfx settings?

yes… i have a i7 2.4ghz, 8 gb ram, GTX630M and Win8… and have this fps… most of time 15-22

Your integrated video chipset will most likely be too weak to handle the game on anything but the lowest resolution.