Would not showing the name of your killer suit Rust better ?

I’ve been killed a few times in Rust now and I’m not a fan of how it tells you the name of your killer. Same applies to me killing other people.

I love not knowing who might have killed me as it makes me want to return to the area and try to spot my assassin by his clothes. Makes it much more immersive knowing I’ll never know the name of my killer and same applies to my victims.

I love the system in Rust how it tells you “You were shot in the chest” but not a fan how it tells you WHO did it. Just feels a little counter strikey and takes the immersion out a little bit.

Pretty sure you’re talking about modded servers - as this is specifically listed as a feature on the Rust++ mod forum.

Try the official servers where it doesn’t tell you at all - otherwise, recommend it on the Rust++ / Oxide threads.

no hes talking about when then screen goes grey and it says “you were shot in your right calf by johnsmith”. i dont think hes talking about the rust++ when it says it in the chat box

This was how it used to be and it worked great. You never knew who killed you unless you had the chance to get close, and people would sometimes throw themselves on the blade just to get your name. This also promotes crying on chat and people flaming each other, which happens far too much already. Lastly it allowed for people to uphold reputations they weren’t always worthy of, good or bad. Id love to see it removed and only available on modded servers that chose to use this feature.

We certainly need more reason for people to randomly kill everyone they see.

I like to just be able to give credit where credit is due. Sandcracka kills me then kudos to him. If I kill him I want him to KNOW it was me! (Would never happen as we work together in the game, but you see my point.)

Yeh, I’m tired of killing kids with cloth armor, me being in kev, with a nice m4

Just because I won the battle.

We used to just say “nice fight” and that was enough. If the other person decided to speak up then great, if not, they still got their props.

No, it would make the game worse.

There should be some consequence to going around slaughtering people left and right.

You’re asking to remove the only game mechanic that keeps such behavior even remotely in check.

if they bitch and flame and call hax i keep thier shit, if they dont say anything or just say GG then ill leave thier stuff there in a large crate and only take ores or wood.

i agree.

i think it doesn’t make sense that you can see who killed you, but you can’t see who you have killed.

it should be the other way round. the one who won the “argument” shouldn’t be punished by revealing his name.


why do you even complain? this is a sandbox game. everyone does what he wants! not what YOU want.

if you are mentally to weak to play survival games, why don’t you play something else?

Removing the capability of players to take action against their killers does nothing but remove from my freedom as a player, i.e. remove from the sandbox element. Second, sandbox games and competitive shooters are two entirely different things.

Asking for the name of my killer is not asking to nerf bandits, its asking to even allow action to be taken to begin with. It’s not like it’s requesting they get less health, get scars, or other shit.

Pull your pretentious head out of your ass. This isn’t even a survival game in its current state.

The game isn’t supposed to just be kill or be killed. Otherwise I could go play a more competitive, balanced shooter like Battlefield that does the same thing.

I actually like the current system, its also cool to see HOW you died (shot in the head or foot or whatever)