Would people be interested in Pokemon in Gmod?

My apologies if this is the wrong place to post this, as I was unsure.

Anyways, I had to ask. I’ve always seen plenty of Pokemon models but never a Pokemon Gamemode. Would people be interested if someone had made a gamemode based around Pokemon (catching Pokemon, battling Trainers, fighting Gyms, buying Items, evolving Pokemon, etc?)
There is plenty of content out there to be able to make the Pokemon themselves, but the other content would have to be custom made. I came here to ask if people would play a gamemode like that, more out of curiosity then anything.
(No, I am not advertising, nor do I own a Gmod Server or have the gamemode made, I am simply curious about what people’s views would be on something like this)

I’m not sure how Pokemon would work in a multiplayer setting but turn-based combat hasn’t really been explored too much in gmod and could be interesting

Animation would be difficult yes, but a turn based combat with Pokemon would not be. You’d have the names of the moves and such, but no effect would be shown like in the games. Having the Pokemon face each other with a camera rotating against them would work. For catching wild Pokemon, you could set it up that if they walk in a set entity for a set amount of time a random Pokemon will spawn and start a battle automatically.

Please make a tallgrass entity that must be placed in the map

I don’t want to walk around the map and have to deal with that bullshit constantly wherever I go

But this sounds like something that could be very interesting if done correctly

So like that shitty pokemon minecraft mod?

That is what it would be if done incorrectly

Take that mod and don’t fucking do that