Would Radios be a cool addition to the game?

If you had friends across the map and had raid plans or anything you wanted to say that you wanted kept secret from the whole server (avoiding global chat) wouldn’t it be kinda neat to have a radio somewhere in your house/on your person that you could use to duplicate your voice chat proximity to wherever that radio was? Not necessarily a needed addition, but something that might be kinda cool to have? I know you can just do private chatting through steam chat, but that kinda takes away from being immersed in the game, imo.

yeah until the current lag issues are resolved with this game let’s not tack on something that will add to it significantly…


or use skype

Did you read what the guy said, “but that kinda takes away from being immersed in the game”

Radios might be useful, but to get them to be realistic and fit into the game world you’d want them to have various frequencies and then there would be the potential for other people to overhear anything said on the radio. Because that would be a risk, people would still have their tendency to utilize a third party voice comm app in order to avoid any unknown factions listening in. That being said, a radio could potentially open up other interesting ideas, especially if the military were added as an NPC threat. They could have various bits of chatter that would allow you to know in advance, say, that a patrol helicopter was about to drop a squad at big rad or what have you.

Its already there: It’s called Steam chat or Skype…

It’s a neat idea. The frequency thing would also add the “emergent gameplay” Garry wants in his features.

radios, walkie-talkies and frequency scanners… :wink:

Ya, I really like this idea! Maybe you could only find them in rad-towns and to get batteries for it you would have to get an airdrop, or you could find weaker batteries in the rad-towns too.

I Like, a good thinkg vor RP Guys.

Thanks for reading my original post :wink:

Such a great idea!!!

Well If the radios existed it would be nice to overhear incoming Air Drops before the plane was seen. Like a 60 sec heads up. you can hear a conversation between the Pilot and Dispatch of some sorts.

awesome idea.

would be cool,but not necessary now.