Would somebody mind hexing and fixing this L4D Model?

Just as the title says, I’d like somebody to hex and fix (the LOD bug where parts of the model will disappear) this model if possible. I’d like to use this model for my ongoing comic project, to add more variety to the cast.

Thanks, and I hope you’ll help me out here.

I’ll give it a try.

Not hexed but yeah, already in Gmod

I already Hexed it and i’ll upload it in about an hour.

Thank you so much, man. I owe you one.

I replaced the old physics model with one better suited for posing.

Thank you very much, you’ve helped me a ton.

Sry for bumping, but could you fix these badboys?
Everytime i spawn them, gmod crashes D:
Thanks in advance :smiley:

Copy the “MODELNAMEHERE.dx90.vtx” for each model twice. Rename one to “MODELNAMEHERE.dx80.vtx”, and the other to “MODELNAMEHERE.sw.vtx”
I don’t know how people can post those models when they won’t even work in gmod.

Garry updated Gmod quite a while back so that you don’t even have to do the whole ‘make two copies of X.dx90.vtx, rename one to X.dx80.vtx, and the other to X.sw.vtx’ thing, so it has to be something with the models themselves.

Thanks for the response, but i know absolutely nothing about modelling xD
Can anybody upload the fixed file?

Funny, mine still has issues with that for some reason.