Would the community be interested in a ScriptFodder script review video series?

Exactly the title. Mainly so people can really get to know what they are trying to buy. The script developers can benefit from this by getting a recorded first-look hands on customer review of their products that may benefit future user/customer experience.
Customers would benefit from seeing a wide range of scripts previewed with installation walkthroughs, etc… before buying.

What does the community think?

That’d be really neat.

A chance for the scripts that have been shoved down the scripts page to finally shed some light for free would be pretty cool

Decent quality feedback is always appreciated.

Yeah I’ve been using mods for other games in my free time and one these Skyrim mod series I’ve always enjoyed to take a look at.

I’ve been thinking about making a series similar to this style or maybe someone else can take it up.

This would actually be pretty interesting.
Would like to see a test run of it.

I like the idea of this, I’d go for it man.

Would be nice since most devs don’t include videos of their script in action. It’s hard to justify purchasing something with no other reference besides the limited number of screenshots an item has

Pretty useful in my opinion… I would find that of great use when buying scripts.