Would this be a good dedicated server for g-mod?

I plan on purchasing a dedicated server soon, and either get minecraft or g-mod running on it. Are these specs any good?

Processor: Intel® Xeon® E5-2640
Speed: 12 Cores with HT (6 Cores) x 2.5 GHz (3.0 Turbo Boost)
Memory: 2,000 GB (2 x 2,000 SATA)
Bandwidth: 100 Mbit connection speed

How well would that do for a g-mod/mc server?


That’s pretty good; what are you paying for it?

Not to be “that guy” but it is gmod, not g-mod. Also yea that is good considering a gmod server would only use 1 of the 6 cores.

Not to be “that badder guy”. Wouldn’t it be Gmod and not gmod? Also I concur with code_gs and YourStalker. That is a pretty good setup but it would only utilize one core.
Yes I said exactly what Stalker said.


Apologies, and thank you for the information.

I hope you’re getting more for that package than just the dedicated server; that price is outrageous.

It IS possible to force srcds to use multi cores, I know a guy who did it successfully.

But yeah, this is a total overkill for just one server, you can host like 10 if not more on such machine.

Do you know the conditions to force it to be multi-threaded? I figured out that SRCDS will suddenly become multi-threaded when I run WAMP or LAMP at the same time.

Well, to be honest I’m not an expert at this sort of thing, but this was the best deal I’ve found so far. You can see everything that I get, here: click me

That kind of hosting isn’t for GMod. Those are for businesses and heavy-load servers, not a gaming server.

You don’t need to pay 199 a month for a gmod server. You could get a decent server for less then 50.

I was planning on using the server for some sort of game while I wasn’t using it for my website hosting (the actual reason as to why I plan on buying that server).

That’s still overkill for a website host.

The amount of traffic that my current site receives is rather absurd to be honest. While I know nothing about games, I do know some things about hosting web sites and such. :stuck_out_tongue: