Would this be against the law?

I was wondering, would it be against the rules to package all the CS:S models and materials into an addon for GMod and distribute it?

Would this be legal or could i get into trouble for doing it?

Some of my friends dont have CS:S but have GMod and wanted me to do it because they hate errors in RP and player models, but i have no desire to break the law or any rules, so i just want to ask first.

It’s Illegal and yes, you could get into trouble for doing this. Lots of trouble.

Oh okay. Thanks for the info.

Thought going through your head:

“I’ll just e-mail it to 'em, no-one will find out.”


What about just 1 model? like maybe… the single dollar model?

Would that still be illegal…?

Yes. Uploading any copyrighted content without explicit permission from the copyright holder is breaking the law.

Yes, but it’s not likely Valves gonna come knocking at your door for giving your friends a few files, as long as you don’t go up to them and say:

“Hey Valve, alright if I give my friends the content of this game for free?”

So I wouldn’t really worry.

Eh, well i just realized CS:S is only 19 bucks, i thought it was 29 bucks so i guess my friends can handle it.

Lol i just had a thought:

What if i made a deal with valve that my friends would pay
for every megabyte of the game i give to them.


P.S. Yes that is the (apporoximate) actual worth of the game per megabyte, since there are 1695.36 total megabytes in CS:S and it costs 19.99

You guys do realize that you can simply get the css models using hldsupdatetool, right?

Oh MAN! i forgot about that…

So if i got the stuff through that would it be legal? If i made a CS:S compatability addon for gmod through just stuff from HLDSupdatetool?

Yes, but ONLY the models. It will NOT download any VTFs unless you give it (hldsupdatetool) a Steam Account / Password that owns CS:S. But it downloads the VMTs though, and the BSPs. Kinda weird.

Well i guess a server doesn’t need to render textures, because you never view anything, you just need to calculate collisions and physics and stuff or whatever.

Not true. It will download EVERYTHING, except for the game client binaries.

(At least it did for me, 2 years ago)

What were they thinking? Releasing a tool that doesn’t even require a steam account that lets you download the content from all their multiplayer games.

NO VTF’s. But hey, seeing a purple textured object is better than seeing “ERROR”.

where do i get hldsupdatetool? i want models too

Would sounds be legal too? Does hldsupdatetool do those too? And it gets maps right?

Edit: Dioxybenzone when you get unbanned the tool is here: http://storefront.steampowered.com/download/hldsupdatetool.exe

You could use this

Using hldsupdatetool and getting CSS models without owning CSS = warez.

Wut? Wut? Wut? Wut? Wut? Wut? Wut? Wut? Wut? Wut? Wut? Wut? Wut?

But they literally give it away…? i dont get it… So its not legal for me to give my friends a pack of the models from hldsupdatetool for free?

He needs to own CS:S