Would this protect myself during a raid?

I noticed when i build huge bases, it always attracts raids and i lose everything…but I also noticed that if i have a shack with a wood door next to the large house, they assume thats where i lived until the house was complete and leave it alone. Has anyone tried leavinging the house as a decoy, and living in a small shack with large crates? as a raider would you catch on?

I destroy all shacks with crates or furnaces in them, its like a box of chocolates, “you never know what you’re gonna get.”

I don’t think it would last long. Better decoy… super tall house, but keep all the loot on the first floor… they will never find it :slight_smile:

even if it is next to a huge mansion?

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clever, put some fake crates out, they run up, but have it in a hidden door?

I always check the shacks first. As you don’t need to spend any C4 on them.

But when you say huge bases… I really wonder how you design them. To me it sounds like they are either badly designed or not that huge to begin with. The thing with a huge base is that the huge amount of doors you can put in them, making a maze forcing your enemies spend 100-200 C4 to even get to one crate of loot.

Usually i build them 5-6 stories, with a wooden gate, then 2-3 metal doors, and then multiple fake rooms with metal doors on each story, and each staircase is double doored, as well as usually their is an entire building attached that is all fake aswell

Sounds good… How wide are they? When we build bases we build about 20x20 and 10 stories high with strais on different locations on each floor forcing you to go through allot of doors between each floor. Then have a 5-6 foundation thick maze surrounding the building that can’t be exit on the ground floor preventing any one to be able to come in by building a “sige tower”.

That may be the problem, they are only 3-4 foundation wide…so overall …much much bigger than?

There are some guys that slack with the looting, just check the obvious loot rooms etc, and then there are players that check everything, as myself ^^ If I see a shelter id love to destroy it. even easier with a wooden door. but with the metal door you know someone is keeping something inside.

What you really need is a large house with multiple floors and keep your loot in the different floors. Have more expensive loot towards the middle of the base and have the other loot in other spots.