Would This VPS?

50GB Space
1000Mbit Connection
2 IP’s
1TB Bandwidth
1 Core @ 2.0 GHZ
Linux or Windows

Would that vps hold many slots? Im thinking around 32 ? :confused:

Lol. I know this may seem ridiculous, but idk.

1… core?

You can hold 1 server with under 20 slots due to a shitty cpu and memory.

I don’t think VPSes are that good of an idea for gaming servers, I use one for a Moodle server so all my friends and I can get homework done easier. I’d recommend a server from XenonServers here:


It’s like $0.80 a slot for 32 slots. Which is pretty cheap.

They overload their boxes no matter what they say, you are much better off with a VPS for a single server.

Of course, you would have to pray the VPS node you are on is not overloaded either.

Touche my good man.

VPS’s are extremerly good for gameservers , i am running 3 64 slot servers 100 tick 550 fps servers on one box with 8MB , verry low specs , but , i recommend to anyone : www.vps247.com

Even the OS will use more than 8mb…

i know , they install the os befor i get to use it. you know , they dont count the OS in the 8MB limit


-_-, i bought a part of a vps , i was alocated specs (8GB , ect) , the OS installed doesnt count in that

I’ve got one from there too, Only thing is the one core, Much physics going on in a server and it will lag the cpu to hell, They said they will allow additional cores at £5 soon

Use FanaticalVPS instead.

No, Linux is no good.

lol? Gmod servers run under linux aswell …

It’s INCREDIBLY buggy and I wouldn’t reccomend it.

in what way? Ive had it running fine for about 2 months.

And i have noticed you’ve just been pasting the link to that site in pretty much any thread about VPSs / Game hosting. Their prices seem very expensive when compared to http://www.fastsh.it aswell …

First time I used that on linux there was memory leaks and cache problems, and you have to edit some addons to make them work.

I’ve posted it in two threads, and it seems cheap to me with Windows. I’m not like the brohoster guy that goes round doing nothing but advertising.

I get 1GB RAM, 1 Core, 250GB Bandwidth, Unlimited bandwidth that is actually unlimited for the same price you get 32GB Storage and 1TB of bandwdith, 1GB RAM and 1 Core.

So, no it isnt really that cheap.

whaaaaat? you get 250GB or unlimited?

If I were you get atleast a minimum of a DUAL-CORE due to windows shit running on one core will lag your server, running your server on Core#2 will improve the performance and also make sure you turn off services you don’t need by going to start menu and searching services.msc