Would you actually -PAY- for Zoey's stuff?

As said in the title, would you pay for Zoey’s addons? Are they worth it? Should they be released?

If you pay for *.lua files you are doing it wrong.

Zoey refuses to release her stuff, though. But she has some epic shit on her YouTube channel.

Then who cares?

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Unreleased stuff/unused stuff is as good as stuff that doesn’t exist.

Did she quit LUA forever again?

No, I don’t care whether they could be the best Lua masterpieces ever, I would never pay her (or anybody else) for obtaining Lua scripts.

Pay for addons? Fuck no.

No. Paying for an add-on is completely ridiculous, no matter how good it is.

Paying for gamemodes is bad, but addons? No way

I don’t think money’ll convince her to come back to a group that disrespected her as much as they did

But that’s just me

What is Zoeys youtube channel?

She’ll be back. Everyone who gets butthurt about something and leaves always comes back, it’s just the natural way of things. And unless she combines all of her LUA stuff into the greatest addon of all time, I don’t plan on paying for any of it.

Can somebody give a recap on what happened to/with Zoey?

It had an internet relationship with FPjte, FPjte leaked its wild stories to Facepunch and Facepunch has questioned its gender since.

It didn’t like this and ragequit.

The only people who actually want her addons are the kids that play GMod and act like:
“OMG DUDE THAT GUN IS S0 1337” or “ZOEY Y U NO RELEASE ADDON”, basically the internet fags the kids who overuse memes and use the word ‘lol’,‘xD’ or ‘n00b’.

The kid that rated me is named “xXquickscopzXx”…

I’m honestly tired of this Zoey bullshit. I expected there to be more than the whole gender thing, but ragequitting over that? Furthermore, everyone acts as if uploading her shit is taboo. Here’s a hint : If people want it, it will be uploaded. It’s happened before and Zoey is no different.

The only real appealing addons I have seen from her are her parkour addons, and those are easy to duplicate.

The rest is all aesthetic and visual gimmicks.

edit: I regret posting in this thread. I should have let it die.

Only addon I’d ever pay for would be a pony one, and even that’s a stretch.

…And if I remember correctly, zoey also had artificial limbs or some shit right?

And the ability to be resurrected when dead.