Would you come over here?! So I can shoot you..

Sliding door: ffffffapppp!
Turret: Hello?!
Wheatley: EEEEEEEeeEEeeK!

gm_flatgrass_night, all ingame.

nice scenbuild

goddamn, where do those wall and floor props come from?

that is one sexy scene build.

Posing is stiff as hell.

The sliding door faps?

haha that’s a very elegant way of using rt camera/portal placement

the scenebuild is pretty good, but the posing is terrible

Where did you get all those materials for scenebuild?

Could someone define “scene build” for me? Because this doesn’t look like one.
There’s actually stuff happening here, that’s why I wouldn’t call it a scene build.

Yeh but it covers up pretty much all of the map so it’s a scenebuild.

Your scenebuilds are all great but you should really work on your posing and camera more. Waste of a great scene.

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it’s when you build your own scene

Scene and editing are great, but girl’s posing spoils everything.

I honestly don’t know what’s wrong with the pose but since so many of you wrote it’s bad, I accept your opinions.
(The picture is not edited.)

It should be obvious. They are from portal 2.

I didn’t know sliding doors could masturbate, or speak for that matter.

And the scenebuild is great but as other people have said, the posing is too stiff. She’s standing too straight, none of her limbs are bent. Not to mention she’s only holding the portal gun with 1 hand, which would be pretty difficult if she’s carrying wheatley too.

The only other thing is how the top of her head is cut off, yet there’s a bit of empty, pointless space at the bottom of the screen, you should’ve moved the camera up a bit.

And you really should make a tutorial or upload the materials you’ve got, they’d come in handy for other scenebuilders.

It can’t do those things but when it’s open/close it makes this sound like fffffffffapppp!

Both her elbow are bent. Her left wrist is also bent. and she’s standing still. Do you stand still with you knees bent or what? and yes, she stands too straight but look at valve’s idle animation. It’s even more straight.
Ok, you maybe got a point at the gun being holded with one arm. I have always thought that the portal-gun is lightweighted and “picked up” stuff doesn’t add to the weight. True that Wheatley spoke about the grip and everything but I didn’t take him seriously.
Ok, you don’t like it. Which is absolutely fine. I’ll try harder, although it was already very hard to make her look like that without edit. You know it’s 2 ragdoll with the inflator technics.

Hey, you can’t talk about the floor like that! The floor holds everything up, the floor is important!
but seriously, the floor is pretty “advanced” work of me. It’s not a single magical material on one prop like you might believe. Anyway, point taken.

Scenebuild tutorial (short version):
-Spawn a camera
-Spawn stuff
-Move stuff in front of camera
-Use various stools to prettify stuff up
-You done!

Thanks for your comments!

I’ve seen some ugly feet in my day, but good God!

That portal is attractive. How’d you get it?

RT material on an elliptic model I guess.

Nice scenebuild but posing :barf: …