Would you consider this a problem?

I was playing on the NoPVP server.
I ran up to a zombie and killed it, as I was looting someone came up behind me and place a shelter on me with a door so I was stuck.
I couldn’t break the door down so I am tapped in the shelter, and I’m not about to suicide to give him the satisfaction and my stuff.
Do you consider this a problem?

No, you still got your genitals intack do you

ERM… hey Kermit … Break the thing down. There’s no way he planted a foundation under you and 4 walls. So if its truly a shack… Chop away and start counting your swings then report back here…how many it took but no matter what? YOU CAN STILL GET OUT!

I must have missed a few updates or something, I didn’t know you could break the shelter itself, I usually go for the door.
However, what would be stopping him from doing it again, and again…and again.

you looting faster

omg that seriously happen, wtf lol what is going through some peoples heads on this game I dont know,
Also yeh guess you’ll have to have a look around before looting, then again seems he can do this at any time, sad to hear the guy is such a douche

You spotting him instead of letting him sneak up behind you over and over and continue to grief you while you’re standing around.

You act like its his fault for being snuck up on, but really, the greifer should just go on a PvP server and kill people if he wants to get their loot. There isnt any need to be a dick about taking someones gear.

I think I’ll pay a visit to that no-pvp server :PP joking ofc.