Would you consider this admin abuse?

Just wanted to hear your thoughts on this.

Ask any questions if you would like, I’ll answer.

As a admin on a server, I would of said it was legit. For the legit raid.
But once you got TP and then who ever TP behind you that would class as
Admin Abuse.

Just my opinion. :smile:

The raid was legit, I am not arguing with you there.

And the fact that I believe he took all the loot from my body and gave it to the people who raided, or kept it to himself.

Oh well, gg :smiley:

What a douche-bag… Why break their storage chests and furnaces when you got their loot? Glad you got admin abused. Karma right there buddy. lol

Oh golly, I can sense the stupidity.

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If you must know, I was an enemy to this guy, him killing my friend and apparently getting Kevlar within 45 mins of server wipe (not sure about that one, just a rumor some people in the server are saying). I wanted to send a message as well as set him back a lot as well.

Eh… there was a lot of really bad behavior on both sides.

It’s admin abuse, but you’re also a pretty toxic player oshibas. I don’t think that “bby” crap is really necessary.

You also really didn’t have to destroy all their stuff. You’re doing that to be hostile, not to steal gear.

I wonder how much different the whole thing would have been if you had just moved on and kept raiding instead of taking that huge amount of time to break their gear.

Anyways, admins are allowed to do whatever they want on their own servers. I wouldn’t expect admins to take your side if you’re an openly toxic player.

Apparently saying “bby” is a form of toxicity?

Destroying their stuff sets back the MAIN antagonists on that server, who also go around killing fresh spawns and raiding small little shelters that new players made who are new.

We left after destroying their bottom floor, and came back. We didn’t destroy anything after that…

You’re right, it’s their server, it does not give them the right to abuse their power though.

Bubbles shouldn’t have TPed you in the first place. He should have gone to you to confirm you were stuck. You were not stuck. You were caught. Even though you were doing well you had no way to leave their base and would have eventually died and lost everything anyways. So in reality there was no loss.

Stuck definition - in an unpleasant situation or place that you cannot escape from

You know very well that in gaming being stuck is due to a problem with terrain or glitch. You were caught. Trapped by another player. You also had the option to suicide. You attempted to get a free pass and it bit you in ass. I see you did not deny that you would have eventually died had the admin not fallen for your “Stuck” line.

I guess you didn’t see the part where I said I was “trapped” in their house, THEN he tp me. I later say I was stuck, because I WAS stuck. Stuck isn’t just confined to a “gaming” definition.

I probably wouldn’t have died due to the fact that they left during that conversation, while my buddy was collecting materials for more C4. But the timing was bad as well, due to me having work soon.

TPing people is admin abuse in my and my friends books. It is something that is not featured in the official servers and shouldn’t be there for player use. The only exception is if you were an admin that doesn’t play on the server but only gets on to investigate cheaters. If a player gets legitimately stuck then they will learn to be more careful next time.

I didn’t intend for this to be a shitstorm thread, but god watch the whole video before you make a comment xD

doesn’t matter who is right or wrong in this situation, cause this happens all the time on every community server and admins are only sometimes right. Admins shouldn’t have as much power as they do in a game like this if they have any friends on the server, or play on it.


Admin should have checked that you were stuck, because you weren’t stuck… they ‘won’ by trapping you in their base… good on them.
Admin TPing to you and killing you is abuse. So to me there is two instances of admin abuse.
People talk crap all the time and you saying you was stuck is just a BS line he should have checked out.

At first I said trapped, which is what he followed up on, not me saying I was stuck LATER in the video, because I was stuck in their base. Do people know the definition of stuck?

Everything else I agree with you on.

Actually I’m pretty sure it does. It’s their server. If they want to use their admin powers to kill you they can. You’re choosing to play there, no one is forcing you to.
I’ve been banned for everything from killing the admins friends when they were raiding my base to “supporting gay rights”. There’s a thread here that talks about it already.
You should expect it on community servers, frankly.

Saying “bby” is not toxic, using it in the way you are, as some kind of sarcastic jab is toxic, and you PRETENDING like you don’t know implies that you know damn well you’re a toxic player.

I’m not saying that to be hostile oshibas, a lot of people are that way. Especially in Rust, but I would recommend finding a server that has more leniency. If you aren’t friendly with the admins, why would you expect them to NOT treat you like you treat others?

And destroying storage crates does not “set back the main antagonists”. It’s a nuisance, easily repaired- that’s the point. You did it to be malicious, not for any strategic gain.

On my server we don’t tp people who are stupid enough to get themselves stuck inside a persons house during a raid. You keep pulling up the definition of stuck like that means anything to us. If you got yourself into that situation then you can get yourself out. Through killing them when they open doors, getting killed, or using the suicide option. The only way we tp people on my server is if they are actually physically stuck in the world or world objects. Like being stuck in a tree, a wall, a rock, or a crevice. Stupidity during a raid doesn’t fall under that.

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They pay their own money to run a server that you are then able to play on. These admins are entitled to use their powers how they want because it’s their money. This will never change no matter how loud you cry about it. The beauty of this game though is that if you don’t like that, there are plenty of other servers to play on like the official where that will never happen.

You can also make your own server.

We’re all “toxic” in some shape or form then. It happens, but one instance does not make me an overall “toxic” player.

It’s causing them to spend more time refortifying their base, more time getting resources, and spend more crafting time to rebuild. I’d say it’s a pretty good strategic gain.

Either way, I see what you are trying to say, no disrespect towards you.

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You act like I asked to be tp out…Please guys.