Would you consider this as cheating/hacking?

Lately on rust there is way to many people who cry about hackers whenever they die. I find them actually more irritating than hackers them self. I personally never say anything about hackers unless i’m 100% sure.
So i play on this server, which i kind of enjoy. But I’ve been forced to record my game play because people are suspicious and the admins has gotten way to many cheat complaints. Im not bragging about my “skill”, i dont find myself ultrabeast xxx hs killer and you name it, but i’m alright IMO.
Lets say you were one of these 3 guys, would you cry to the admin in chat? I mean, right after i did this, i got banned. Contacted the admin through steam, uploaded this, unbanned, as you can see he teleported to me in the video completely invisible. But i don’t like the part that i do have to record my game play all the time. Makes me feel like i’m a prisoner of some sort. Again, English is not my main language so, i’m sorry if it was hard for you to read this.
if you dont want to waste 1 minute of your life, just skip to 1 minute.

Nice shooting man :slight_smile:

It’s hard to distinguish someone who’s really, really god, vs someone who’s using an aimbot.
Even bystanders, like the invisible admin, can’t tell the difference. It has to be shown from the first person perspective.

Admins should have the ability to view the first person camera of the guy they are observing, but that would just open a can of worms for more admin abuse…

Hey man, and thanks for the compliment!
I could not agree more with you, if admins had the feature to spectate players through first person view it would be ideal! But on the other side, the admin abuse. But ofcourse, if this feature is on the hands to good admins, it would make a difference.

But i think hacking is dying out, haven’t met one in weeks. Maybe im just lucky. But hey, i loved the idea and thanks for the compliment.

Whats about spectate players with a delay of 60 sec for example, there wouldnt be more admin abuse…

HLTV/GOTV has this feature in the counter-strike series, a delayed spectate. Thats also a good idea, aswell if you are suspicious about a confirmed kill of the main man himself, you can tell the admin, and then he can see the action himself, and judge. I like it.

Clean shooting man! People just like to cry wolf because they killed and think they’re all rockstars at the game so you have to be hacking, obviously. You’re a good shot man, keep it up!

Cheating in any direction kills the fun. I know it, I cheated everywhere back then. Only MP game i cheated on was CS1.6, though… Bad enough.
Yeah, it simply kills the fun. It may be a joy the first few weeks, but then… boring, disappointing, simply lame. Except for games where you just want to rip and tear, but only in single player mode. MP cheating IN ANY WAY is a goddamn no-go.

That being said, the game is in alpha. I’m sure FP hates those hackers with every single nerve in their body. Those cheaters are ruining their game at least…

There will be blood.

This aim… is srsly godlike.
I bet u met some hackers, but u killed them in easymode.
You sir, are the enemys i wont ever met!

Delay spectate would make a lot of stress on the servers, since they would have to buffer the gameplay on every character.
It’s doable, but not in the current state of the game, and not on those overpriced/under-powered servers that players can rent atm.

Wow, thanks alot man!

Hahaha, i dont think i’m that good, but hey, thank you so much!
ingame iq beats ingame aim, i had the best position of us.

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I guess that makes sence.

Nice shooting brother. As an admin, can’t say i would have banned you for that. However, the admin tools in the game are horrid, so you cant really blame him.

They fact you knew he was there is problem 1. You can tell if someone is cheating not in first person, but the problem is you cannot hide from anyone. There is no undetected viewing of players. Regular players can see your nameplate. Cheaters esp can see your player model still. Admins have no way to watch.

The invisible suit has a use, but its not catching cheaters lol.

Admin abuse is inherent to the game, banning people that are suspicious, is the only thing the admin can do, unless he witnesses it first hand. I dont consider this admin abuse however. I consider abusing the ability to spawn items and teleport as admin abuse. But admin abuse is inherent to the game because they designed it that way. They didnt want to police the servers, so the playerbase has to do it.

That said, find a server with admins you like. The regular players on the server are the best tool in catching people. Oxide kill messages help alot too. One dude logged in yesterday, headshot 2 people within seconds from almost 300 meters with the bolt action. Lets just say there wasnt much investigation involved in that one. hah

Good luck

No need to apologize for your language OP. You did better than most native English speakers from America, that’s for sure. It is a shame you have to record your gaming sessions. Hopefully Facepunch gets the anti-cheat good enough that Admins don’t have to worry as much and can focus their bans on people just being assholes and griefers.

Is is pretty ridiculous that many people are basically being banned for good aim.

Teleport, godmode, invisibility, spawning items, banning.

A bad admin already has plenty of tools they can abuse, adding another changes nothing.

Yet for a good admin spectating would be a highly effective method of catching cheaters.

So by all means add this.

Thank you, and yes we need this.

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Yeah, and actually afraid of going outside my house, but not from dying, but from getting banned. Lol JK

Nice shooting!

Wow, the feedback is amazing, i was not expecting comments like this. Maybe i should start record and do a series, lol. I’ve done much better than what i did here.

Lots of bitches in this game, and bitches like to cry hacks when they get outplayed, it’s what makes them bitches :wink:

Don’t sweat it, well played.

How were you able to make that shooting and killing with just a gun? It is pretty hardcore, I understand why they thought you were cheating, I know cause of the video that you aren´t but If I were them I will probably think that you are aimboting. Almost all of your shoots were headshots even that one to the guy who was barely visible behind a rock. You should do more recording, you will shut acussers mouth and make some great videos at the same time.

Haha, well said, and thank you!

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Thanks, i guess? Nah, all of my shoots were hits on body, just a few headshots. But from what i’ve read aimbot is not necessary only headshots, its on body aswell? Can anyone confirm this?