Would you glorious bastards be interested in a Thunderdome?

No, not an arena or anything. A giant project competition. I read about this in an article on something that Riot Games does where they split into a bunch of groups, brainstorm ideas, then at the end of the deadline, the teams compare creations, and whoever had the best won.

Is that something you magnificent people who be interested in? Because I would LOVE to set something like this up. I just want to know if I would be a complete dumbass for trying this or not.

It would be interesting, but we’re pretty saturated with competitions at the moment. We just had a 1 Week gamemode compo and we’re having another one starting in a few days. Plus I think code_gs wants to host some kind of DarkRP edit competition and I want to host some other kind of event.

Also be aware that these things almost always end badly, or at least people usually bitch about them being poorly organised.

I like the idea though, seems like kind of a mix of a classic competition and the thing I wanted to do.

Pretty stoked for the DarkRP edit competition :>

Also, I don’t recommend you run it unless you’re sure you can make it professional, and not delay the whole crap to 2 weeks. Keep it official