Would you join a server based on how often they wipe?

Is that a factor for you?

If they wipe too frequently, I would probably avoid it.

well atleast when a server wipe on a Patch idc
but if they wipe in the middle of the patch etc like (giving you a example)
if a admin got raided and he says the server will wipe (because the admin whas raided)
then i think like im out of here you know

so idc only if its used by abusive admins

Good to know. Yeah, I’m the same. If it’s a wipe due to patch, I’m okay. If it’s in between, I think it should be put up to a vote. If there’s too much of an imbalance, I’m sure the players of the server would be happy to welcome a wipe… but not just random at the admins discretion only.

If its frequent then no

Yes, its a big factor for me. I don’t want to play on servers that do wipes. Only do wipes when its really necessary. I spent hours / days on building and don’t want to start from fresh all the time. There is decay which should do the work.

On the other side I can understand why you want to do wipes, when some terrorizes the whole server, raiding everyone else, when they are so strong you don’t have any chance to get to the same level over days. The point is you should try to find ways around being raided to much so you still can level up and raid back, its a survival game. But the game needs to be better balanced too.

I don’t like wipes

Personally I hate servers that wipe for no reason and don’t inform players a few days before doing so.

If a wipe was to take place, I’d rather grab all my gear and equipment and attempt to raid everyone until I have nothing left.

Then, I know I made good use of my stuff.

If a server wipes without informing players, wipes for no reason etc then no, I won’t join it.

I would prefer they wipe weekly, or increase the decay times to 24 hours on all structures. The amount of structures and objects that can be placed into the game even by a low-mid sized population in a week are astonishing. It’s not hard to reach 40,000 objects and start seeing heavy rubber banding because the engine is still shit.

What’s means “too frequent” for you ?

I would join a server if it wiped every 2 weeks. It’s short enough to keep the process of advancement going but its long enough to allow people time to build a base. If you can get a large enough group playing the territories would be constantly shifting and there will be a constant need to gather to rebuild.

8 rules of having a good server :

1 - Always let your players know when you are going to wipe at least a few days before. If its a mandatory wipe people will obviously understand but noone will accept a server that randomly wipe.

2 - Always interact and comunicate with your members. It’s good to know that the admins are active and always watching for hackers or problems.

3 - Always have a set of rules and guidelines for your users.

4 - Always backup at least 1 per day or 1 per two days. If anything bad happens, just pull the backup.

5 - Never ever ever abuse your powers. Dont use commands to spawn items or anything unless its for some special events and if you are going to do so at least let your players know. It’s terrible annoying to join a server and 1h after a wipe there are huge metal bases arround.

6 - Dont be a dick and treat your players well. A good way to keep your community happy is to setup a page/blog or even a facebook group with profs of your bans and every action you do. It’s nice to know that admins arent banning people for stupid things and actually have evidences to support their actions.

7 - Find a nice group of trusted people to help you admin your server and make sure you log every rcon and command they make. You can use a set of nice mods from oxide to help you with that. It’s completly possible to prevent abuse.

8 - Make sure you keep your server friendly. A nice community will always bring new people.

These are the basic steps of having a good server.

I have been on 3 servers now that have died due to frequent wipes(Once a week or more)

Good list man.

I hope they wipe a lot, daily even

I really don’t like people who don’t wipe

they smell, also, don’t shake their hands

I’d love a server which wipes every month.

Reason: Everything feels pointless after like a month of playing, when you got nearly everything.
That being said… I need more stuff to accomplish in this game. Something that feels like I achieved something.

But that’s Facepunchs thing to do.

net.connect Durability turned off /No C4/No Sleepers Noob Freindly

Spend 3 days on a server base gets wiped. Ok its just a wipe its not often i will join again. 3 days another wipe. If this was the case yes i would base it off how often it wipes i would say every 1.5 or 2 months per wipe is a good time span.

I would honestly like a server that never wipes. Simply because when someone or a group of people completely own the server, this means that nobody is going to be on it. They then get bored of playing on an empty server and then leave, then more poeple come back on and don’t get raped immediatly.

I would prefer a semi-frequent wipe… maybe a scheduled wipe every two weeks or so? Keeps things interesting since most of the strategy comes when it’s a fresh map and you’re trying to get a leg up on everyone else on the server.