Would you join a TTT server that had no pointshop models or not alot.

Hey there!, I am thinking about making a coding an entire TTT server, but I am debating, is pointshop worth it? Okay… you get an aesthetic feature… that’s it, maybe 1 or 2 models, not something big, because I don’t want people downloading lots and lots for something they may not even use!, I am going to code everything on my server, make a hud, scoreboard etc. and I think that pointshop may distract me, as in coding wise, I don’t want to focus on custom pointshop,

So, if a server was custon, but had little to no pointshop but lots of custom scripts, would you play? is pointshop models necessary?

I could care less about pointshop. Infact, I prefer TTT servers without it.

I personally would like a TTT server to be purely vanilla, or as close as it can. No pointshop, no jihad bombs or other silly additions, with a few minor exceptions.

Okay thanks for the opinions guys

Well, keep in mind while the majority of Facepunch dislikes Pointshops, A LOT of regular TTT players love them.

I would personally keep player models to a minimum, because while I can’t speak for others, nothing makes me sigh more than spending ages trying to get into a server because I’m downloading hilarious meme models. Also, keep in mind player models are a lot bigger than just hats, especially since hats don’t stay on dead bodies, whereas an unid’d corpse of iron man kinda sticks out.

I personally never wanted a pointshop on my server, but lots of player want them and a couple even left after finding there’s no shop. I decided on a sort of compromise, in that players can disable hats if they don’t want to see them. This is done via a console command meaning if people are calling out based on hats, we can force the player not to see any. Maybe a sort of system like this would be good for you?

You tend to find point shop popular because map weapon spawns are utter crud. You then end up with a load of people with massive weapon or instead a traitor who is changing weapons every kill so really it makes the game unbalanced thus the reason innocents don’t get a group shop like detective or traitor

I went about 2 and a half months before implementing Pointshop into my terrortown server.
Even though I prefered to not have it on the server. In a previous community it was shown as a way to entice players to donate to the community.

yeah, I hardly even touch the pointshop on servers.

One interesting experiment could be adding in realistic limb damage, and some other things such as a hammer to the back of the head knocks you out for 10 seconds, etc.

There’s a different store for that…

Making your own shop would be something nice to look into. It makes your server look better since almost every server either uses Pointshop or Pointshop with some coderhire skin.

Not that, I mean as in if a blunt weapon hits you right you go unconscious, due to weapon damage models. Not a shop item

Then it’s an unfair advantage to those who have played for a long time,
And if you’re giving points to donars, it turns into a pay-to-win model almost

Wait what? When did I mention anything about donators?
I meant as something alternative to keep TTT interesting BESIDES pointshop.

Advantage to those who have played for a long time? Well yeah, experience makes you better.

When I ran my TTT server, I kept pushing small but fun updates and it was pretty successful while it lasted.

One thing to keep in mind though is that no matter how much content you have, that’s not what keeps your server interesting. Your community does.

I hate pointshop.

To be honest, the amount of players that enjoy pointshop far outweigh those that don’t. The server I run has nothing of the sort in terms of points shop or individual custom models, but some (what I consider) fairly interesting modifications (for example, you can’t just spot names across the map).

That is indeed a nice idea. One of my pet TTT hates, I don’t like all the explosive jihad crap. But 1 shot knife and not having built in superman eyes are 2 great additions imo.

I think that’s a really cool idea, but I’d worry players would get rdm’d 'cuz the killer thinks they’re disguised

This 100x.
Unless you play with only your own community members.

If one doesn’t like pointshop, they’re not forced to use it. It’s beneficial to have pointshop, or better, your own shop. Also, VIPs/donaters should not get any game enhancement abilities, only auxiliary stuff like playermodels, chat tags, etc.