Would you join this RP? ( No advertisement )

I’ve seen about enough sht kiddy admins on every RP server so I’ve decided to make my own, but wait I’m not advertising in this thread =]

**So basically shtty admins piss me off and I was wondering would you join a server with MATURE admins
who actually know how to enforce rules with fair consequences?
Just a simple yes or no would be fine, or if you want to give your opinion on what you would like to see in an RP server.

Nearly every RP server is full of child admins. And as we all know, children are easily amused and think everything is funny. So they just abuse abuse and abuse because it’s simply funny to them. I’d love to see a mature admin group that takes there job seriously.

The only RP I participate in are event/story and GM driven RP’s that take place in special settings. Every other RP I’ve been in has been nothing but a humongous power-trip.

Sammyservers FTW Hardly anyone abuses lol :smiley: But yes i hate child admins who ban/kick you for stupid reasons.

Hardly anyone abuses? So someone is abusing?

Not every server is perfect is it? xD

As long as there are Garrys mod servers, there will be Kidmins abusing their power.





Aslong as it isn’t a generic darkrp, i would.


Well the REAL problem is that little kids are the only ones that will play RPS and rarely older people so its not kid admins its the RPs themselves

No, the problem is that, to the masses that play Garry’s Mod, including myself, “good” RP is boring as fuck. I’m not a fan of DarkRP, it’s crazy and probably the exact opposite of what “role-play” is. However, I also detest Open-Aura based RP for the sole reason that it’s boring as hell. Why is it that Roleplay revolves around “pretending”? Why do I have to /me being hungry, when in real life, that is forced upon me? I don’t get a choice of when I want to eat, and when I need to sleep, and that adds challenge to it. In RP, there is no challenge, you play “pretend-time” and develop a character with no real challenge or purpose. Maybe I’m just not imaginative enough, but hell, if someone shoots me in the leg and says “/me kneecaps you. You can’t move.” and I can still move? I’m going to go off and kill him. It’s not like it’s difficult to actually cause the bullet wound to cripple you in the code. Yet that isn’t done because “YOU HAVE TO PRETEND EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING, THAT WAY YOU CAN DEVELOP MORE”.