Would you kindly... make a personal skin?

I know that it’s probably a stretch, but I’d appreciate it since I haven’t got one clue how to code or the like. Anyways, I’m requesting a personal skin, for posing and such.

The head would be something similar to the guy with the 5:00 shadow next to the Rebel Male_05 in Player Model spawnlist (I’m pretty sure that he is just a variation on male_09, with more unkempt). I end up resembling JBarnes Capt. Tanaka model from City 08 (since I’m Scotch-Japanese Canadian). Whatever the case, he’d look like a grizzled ronin, unshaven and perhaps a sizeable (though not huge) scar on his cheek.

The Survivor-type look.
Essentially, civvies tricked out to look post-apocalyptic-survivalist, though I fail at wording. (Now that I think about it, this is similar to my other idea, a paramilitary/badass action hero look which is inspired by Leon from RE4, Hakim from Far Cry 2, and the guy they use on the wallpaper for Far Cry 2) Basically, pair of boot cut jeans with hiking boots; a dark faded hoodie or fatigue shirt with rolled up sleeves, with a tactical shemagh worn around the neck (the scarf thing that some operators wear); a pair of black fingerless gloves; to top it off, the small packs worn by the rebels (if at all possible: these aren’t at all set in stone). Also considered: black knee and elbow pads.

Overall, I just wanted a general purpose yet still unique looking skin. I have a feeling that a lot of my requests aren’t possible, let alone feasible, so feedback/advice/volunteers/conscripted workers are appreciated. “STFU AND DO IT YOURSELF N00B” is not constructive feedback.

Reference Images will be up soon enough, once I can find a decent image sharing thingamabob (imageshack just crashed my Firefox, so maybe filesmelt?)

Lad, you’re Scotch-Japanese!
You don’t make a wee bit o’ sense!

Aye, aboat as much sense as a Black, Scottish Cyclops!

or a black president.

wait :geno:

time paradox!!!


Alas, I have found reference images! Now, I’ve edited my idea a little bit in the span of posting urls. I’m hoping these work…

(More faded)
Plain, no logos or anything.
Rolled up sleeves?
What do you guys think would go better with all of this? Shirt or hoodie? Or neither?
(shirt please)

(OD Green)

As for the Shoes, they’re concealed a bit by the bottoms of the jeans, so I don’t care too much what color or style they are. Modified rebel shoes are fine.


This is a personal model, not a skin, I guess. I didn’t want someone to freak out for my misidentification.

Please don’t ban me for asking, but, is there like a set amount of time I should wait, so I don’t keep posting with “OMG WHERES MY PERSONAL SKIN GUYZZZ!!!” Of course, this question ends up being the polite version of that , but seriously, I just wanted to know if anyone was interested… or listening… or even here…

If there’s about 30 request threads per page, usually 4 to 6 get done. This varies on how hard they are. Remember, we’re taking time and effort out to do something for you for free. Wait a little bit. If you don’t get a reply, make a new thread after a week or two, maybe altered to be easier. Just take this in mind.

Thanks man. Just wanted to figure out the process.