"Would you like a smoke, mate? No?"


Practicing harder, more realistic shadows. Yes, I know the shadow casted by his head is awful. C&C.

Remember to rate artistic if you like it. :3:

I like the facial editing.

Use a gradiant of soft light to show the direction that the light is coming from especially when you cant see the source of the light (flashlight, sun, etc).

I really like it, very original. Smoke looks nice, shading, and depth of field as well. Did you texture the walls? Or were they from the first portal and I just never noticed.

Cool beans.

and nice smoke

I was expecting TF2 sniper.

I am pleasantly surprised.

Every time I see your avatar, I think its a sperm cell…

Nice pose and edit bro.

Thanks for the comments, guys! :buddy:

Hey love your picture, I have one suggestion though. If you take a picture of characters and background seperately (maybe in the black room) you can easily make very good looking shadows.

P. nice! You gotta give me some tips on shading/lighting. :buddy:

Lovely shading on the citizen. He kinda looks out of place though because it seems the only detailed shading you did on the picture was on that one character.

Yes, I notcied. Stupid of me. I’ll keep that in mind next time, thanks.

Any more comments on this one?

I already told you what i think about it on steam. I’ll comment on your new display pic, what is it?

I tried drawing.


The picture is actually very nice and the shading is extremely awesome. One mark though, the smoke’s edges are very straight like it’s a shape. You are improving zerax.


Great shading