Would you like all the textures from STALKER SoC and Fallout 3?

Like the title suggests, I’m unsure whether I should upload the textures I’ve ripped from said games.

They’ve been extracted and converted and work fine.

However, seeing as there is thousands, they do not have surface decals.

Which means:

All this means is, if you want to use them in a map, select them in the texture viewer and press “open source” then add in the necessary line of text.

The reason for this, is I extracted them and converted them using VTFLib, which made the .vtf’s also.

I’m sceptical because I’m not sure anyone would use them and it will take a while on my crappy internet connection.

Anyways, either comment or vote in the poll.


If there is an issue with warez, I will not upload.

I’m not entirely sure I understand why they don’t work, but I’d be interested in Stalker textures.

They do work, but they don’t have surface decals.

He means he didnt do the vmt thing with “$surfaceprop” “type”
to give it metal, dirt, rock, etc bullet impact effects.

The only problem with the SoC textures is they aren’t the highest resolution/ detail. But they would be pretty cool to have.

I may go rip them myself someday.

19 to 2. Pretty predictable outcome.

I’ll see how things are tomorrow.


Fallout 3 textures are still converting.

awesome thank you


you are awesome

I would be more interested in all the Call of Pripyat textures, since they are much more improved than previous games. Warez issues are not a problem, GSC has allowed non-commercial use of their textures and models.

Can use VIDE’s Mass VMT Editor to quickly and easily add $surfaceprop values.

God I love VIDE.

You never fail to help us out Terrenteller.

I’ve been thinking of taking it upon myself to get a CoP texture collection together. All of the best metal, wood, concrete, etc. textures available in CoP for Source.

Just be sure to port normal/specular maps because we all love those. Oh and detail maps if they’re actually used in the game.

Well if you need somebody to host the files, I have a few GB on my shared hosting server, which has 500 GB of bandwidth a month, I rarely get to 2 GB…

Specular maps are useless in Source, you can’t use phong shaders (specular) on brush based geometry.

I was meaning to ask about that. I’m a little unclear of how exactly that works.

Could you perhaps make a tutorial or post a link to a tutorial?

By the way guys, Fallout 3 textures are done, just seeing how they look in hammer.

Get multiple people to do it, all as friends in Steam I guess.

Crap… There’s a lot of errors.

I’m going to have to sort through and delete them…

Also, I’ve yet to find the vault door.


That looks good :v:


There’s just under two gig of textures and a lot of errors, so it’s going to be a while before I upload anything.

Except maybe the STALKER textures.

Almost 2GB oh my I think I’m in love.

We already have STALKER textures. But if you can tell me how you extracted the fallout3 textures I might be able to help.

I’m pretty sure he used a DDS to .tga converter and then converted it all to .vmf
How he did it so fast is beyond me.