Would you like some free character models from Stranger's Wrath HD?

Hi all.

I’m the lead designer at Just Add Water. We’ve been talking about giving out a bunch of character models from Stranger’s Wrath HD to the Garry’s Mod community.

The files themselves are made in a rather old version of Maya, so we will get them into a newer version before giving them out. The one downside is that they will (probably) need rigging before they can be used as characters, and the normal naps are world space, not tangent or object.

Obviously there’s no point in spending the time converting to a later version of Maya if no one wants them, so I thought I’d check first.

Here’s some pics (I had to get them off the net because I’m at home today with a broken hand.)

The models on the left are the original (none HD) models, the right hand models are the new PS3/PC versions



Anybody interested?

Examples would be nice! :slight_smile:

Any HD content is welcome in the Gmod community, there certainly isn’t enough high quality material circulating at the moment.

Good point, I’ve added some to my OP

I see no reason why not.

Do they come with animations and such? Face posable? Player models?

He said they’ll most likely need rigging, so whoever takes that task will have to decide on face posing/player models.

This is a very cool opportunity.

very cool models, I like the design of them, also nice to see some sharing of them.

That’s pretty awesome, I for one support this idea.

hot damn
i’d totally make these useable for gmod


A good friend and I have spoken more than once about how awesome it would be to have Stranger available. Please don’t get our hopes up for nothing! :dance:

Well this is fairly positive! I will try and get this sorted for you guys before the end of the week.

Oh man, these would be awesome. They could be used in Source Filmmaker aswell then if someone rigs them for Garry’s Mod in general.
Very nice to see JAW/Oddworld so active with their community, and surprised to see them on the Garry’s Mod forums rather than the Oddworld Forums aswell

I fully support this! Oddworld is one of my - if not, IS my favorite video game series of all time!

Well, if you want to give away models, what better place than Facepunch?

Thanks G1itch! This is super cool of you. After giving the models to the facepunch community, will there be any restrictions on where the models can be used? Or will you allow for use in game mods for games like Fallout and GTA? I could guarantee a high-quality porting to Fallout with your permission :smiley:

Considering that the models are pretty much rips, you can most likely do whatever with them - they aren’t exactly G1itch’s personal property, after all.

Yes. These modles will be welcomed by many here.

They wouldn’t be “rips” since this is one of the guys responsible for actually creating the models before they were implemented in-game. But, to your point, I’m sure G1itch is aware that once the models are up for grabs for gmod, they’re up for grabs for everyone. However, the admins at the nexus websites where the majority of Fallout mods are posted have strict rules when it comes to copyright issues and ported content. Unless I get explicit permission from G1itch to post Stranger there in (totally awesome) playable form, I would get banned if I posted the file.

YES YES YES!!! Rigging would be amazing too but whatever you can do! Thanks so much, if only every game company thought like this.

I don’t know what limitations there would be other than a very short licensce agreement where you agree to not use these models for your own direct profit (So no selling them basically). I need to chat more to the marketing guy and he will figure out the best way to proceed. In the mean time we will start prepping the models for you to have!