Would you like to be a part of Walt Garry World?

Hey y’all

would like to present…


  • What?
    Since this will be a recreation, we will need audio files, especially from characters. In this case, Mickey Mouse! This contest will give your chance to imitate the Mouse and win prizes!

  • How?
    Just record yourself with a Mickey voice saying one of the phrases:
    “Gosh, this is sure the happiest place on Garrysmod!”
    “I hope the gang doesn’t miss me!”
    “Tool-gun? In my land, we use the imagination!”

  • Prizes?
    You will either get a shop from Main Street with your name (example: Stratostore) or the chance to beta-test our first map. :dance: Your voice will also be featured in parades/stuff on our parks.

Thanks for checking this, good luck!

Yes I know this is copy pasta.

Wow, there’s a Disney 23 expo ad right under this reply box XD

Wait, there are ads on facepunch?

Yeah, but if you’re on Firefox, the superior browser, you usually don’t get 'em.

Well, I decided to do a Hugh Bliss Impression from Sam And Max by telltale games xD

Ad-block Plus <3

Also, what? What did I just read? This sounds like a lobby-esque gamemode…have you not noticed that every time someone other than a moderator tries to make one it gets raped to shit by people who think it’s a GMT clone

No its not a clone. It uses some elements but is not a clone.

I know it isn’t, but will people like Ghast, who attack every lobby gamemode with their butthurt GMT roars see that?

Ghast has usually one post on all my threads. (Waiting for him to pop up and bring urls to the ones he posted)

Usually its just…

Gmod hotel is a gamemode I gave up on. I am working with Disney now :smiley:

WE do have a big team. Sorry props I ripped you up on Gmod hotel. Thats a bit to close for comfort.


Oh crap them.

I was originally going to post this here, but you did it faster. Its ok though man. Anyways, I don’t know if this Mickey thing will work. If anyone does this though it was be awesome.

I am having my doubts we need a voice changer.

Do you have actual amusement park rides in your map. :3

Is anyone gonna see my voice recording?

We are making every ride able to ride. We are making Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom. We are releasing one each time they are finished. Magic Kingdom is first. As for the other 3 no idea yet.

1st ride is maybe POTC