Would you play a District 9 roleplay?

Im working on this cakescript mod and a map to go with it thats District 9 themed, Basically its like this.

The Prawns - Live in a section of the map called “District 9” you can be a good prawn or you can search for your technology and possibly create a weapon.

The Nigerians (Requires Flag) - Live in District 9 occasionally hunt prawns for their power and sell weapons to prawns.

The MNU (Requires Flag) - They are controlling the Prawns in district 9 and abduct them to experiment on. (They use the helicopter Addon too.)

Currently the only thing required is some models and the helicopter addon.

The map has a small section of District 9 MNU headquarters and a Nigerian area.

Here’s how it will play.

Aliens get killed.
Nigerians powergame.
MNU run around shooting shit.
More aliens die.
Nigerians get bored and shoot MNU
People complain
MNU Just kills everybody.
Aliens die.

Meh,It would only work if you control the rp right and make sure that doesn’t happen.Most of the time someone makes an rp server and just leaves it to rot,instead of actually staying with it or at least getting an admin that doesn’t abuse.

You can’t be a human civilian? Aside from the other less-know groups and organizations in District 9.

There are so many things wrong with those flag descriptions.

The prawns, using the overpowered weapons that only they can use, would dominate.

If you get a website, and make MNU and prawns only able to get by applying on said website, it might actually be good roleplay.


Dumb post

People are already making District 9 RP’s, and I would play.

what the fuck is district 9

but it sounds good
i wanna be a prawn and be overpowered

Sign me Up!


How about this one faction starts a war with the MNU ending it. And the currency is to be CATFOOD!


[sp]The aliens don’t Die off in the movie. The Aliens that I have counted that Die are only up to 9 including the already dead body’s in the test lab’s.
The PMC companies kill everything not MNU, MNU only hired the PMC’s for the killing.
The ending sucked like hell…
Stupid cliffhangers…[/sp]

IS hard to use [sp] Tags?

Oh god I’d totally play this.
Then again since I’m in Australia, I’d doubt I’d ever join the server.


Do you have pics of the map?

Make sure there’s as little combat opportunties as possible. Easy access to weapons = bad idea.

How about this
Scavenger- You are hated the media, MNU thinks of you as low lifes (they are pretty much bums)
Gangsters- If you are human and are on their turf prepare for a molecular blasting.
Christopher (1 person probably)- You are looking for the fuel that is under a bunch of junk.

Field Team- You evict aliens, you arrest aliens, and so on (pretty much like cops except they have no weapons)
PMCs- They work along side the Field Team and must cooperate with the FT, if not they are fired (they have all of the guns and ability to arrest).
CEO- Determines who gets fired and who doesn’t also he covers all of the finances for weapons out of his own wallet (his salary is high)

Gangsters- Do I need to say more?
Prostitutes- Again, do I need to say more?

Gun dealer- For MNU only, will get fired by CEO if otherwise (keeps if fair, gangsters have to break in to get guns)

Also it would be cool to have access to the mothership for the alien weapons
Hopefully that keeps it fair

Cool idea, especially if you’ve actually seen the movie. But the playerbase would most likely make it un-likeable. (Maybe.)

Madbobby tried doing a district 9 Roleplay on his server, it almost instantly degraded into 1000hp hobos knifing everyone on one side of the city (that side of the city had the spawn points in it)

Worst. Idea. Ever.


Thug life role play.

Thug life role play?
Also District 9 roleplay would be awesome if there were a lot of dedicated mods on almost all times of the day.

I heard Dave Brown is making D9 roleplay for TnB. I died when I heard that.