Would you play a vanilla TTT server?

Before I start venturing into this task for the 3rd time I want to know.

U could play on mine :wink:

As long as it’s not heavily modified and or has pointshop, I’m sure people would.


that literally means no mods

Ok uhh, I guess p much nobody is interested then, too bad.

I like semi-Vanilla. No Pointshop, no custom HUDs or scoreboards. Just base gamemode with a few custom T and D weps here and there to spice things up. I dont really play TTT too much anymore though

I run a server that’s vanilla except late-night and Sundays (hue, strawberry). Those times let me rotate little things I’ve written and get feedback as I go.
It’s certainly not the highest ranked server, but players are hitting 2 and 3 thousand rounds played - so well-moderated vanilla certainly has some appeal.

Last month’s stats

Of course