Would you play on this server?

Would you play on a server like this? [NoR][Oxide][Sleepers][NoAbuse][1/2Craft][NoDur][Air15+][Kit]

One airdrop each day.

We would remove all hackers, we are all above 15, active, 6 admins, poll if wanted wipe.

We have not made it yet. Also we accept huge groups, and noobs. And if you flame in chat, you get 2 warnings, flaming after that, you get 1 day ban, and then you get unbanned, you join back, flame, we will ban you for 7 days.

Also the server will be hosted in Germany, since it’s the only option for a cheap good server. But all the admins are from Norway. And we all know English very well.

So the question is, would you play on this server?

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Also sorry for the English, i’m pretty tired, at the moment working with some stuff, so please accept my darn grammar :confused:
Also hacks are perma ban, no matter what.

Eerr’… This is just like the other 1000k+ servers out there? Don’t see what’s so special.

6 admins sounds way to much unless you have flags (kick/ban) just to make sure
only 1 or 2 admins have access to spawning stuff.

Good luck though, but i doubt it will go anywhere.

I don’t see many servers that have exacly the same stuff as me, like the NoDur, and a really bad starter kit, but it’s better then what you spawn with, also it accepts all types of players, since ive seen many, MANY servers who just bans big groups, we will fight these groups and have a ton of fun! that’s the point, noobs and really good players.



servers outside USA = NO
servers that advertise noob friendly = NO (in most cases means everyone is KOS)

“outside usa = no” oh god man, why you gotta be so mean, people join servers outside USA all the time, they are the most popular ones. And yes I advertise noob friendly since I want new players to come and see how the game really is…

We’ll see once a group of 10 destroys your population lol

If they even get that far!

I’d play on it because it’s located in germany. Then I’d look at the community for a few hours and leave, because they’re all full of shit. Every single one.

Nah, this community will be good, if you talk shit you get banned, that’s just how it is.

A ping of 300+ is bad, and its just like everyone else’s servers. Noob friendly, active admins, fresh wipe, the usual…
Rust is boring now. i dont see a purpose to play it until a year when they update it, IF they ever do…

Jesus christ, they have said on their twitter the update will come this week, hopefully, and the ping won’t be 300+. Rust isnt boring. Go complain about the update somewhere else, and maybe get a life on the side.

what is the IP?

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im looking for a server for my clan that recently has been wiped

Hey! we are going to puchase the server today! I’ll get back to you when we have it setup and ready :slight_smile:

okay Im waiting for the Ip adress
add me on skype twan.molenaar1 to give me further details dont now if im gonna look at the forums anymore today


I mostly enjoy the vanilla type of server and to be honest i really loved the durability system.They just need to do some tweaks to it :3.

Sure, added :slight_smile: