"Would you please sign my petition?"



let me know what you think brothers… and sisters!

‘‘Look, just sign this stupid petition already. I’ve got stuff to do.’’

Nice. It has this cozy feeling that is weirded out by dude.

I think you overdid it with the white light. Would have been better if you kept it yellowish so that it wouldn’t mesh so much into theguy’s shirt.

oyeah i see now… thanks for info

Is that the Postal 3 dude model? Where did you get it?

It’s on garrysmod.org, however that’s down at the moment.

May I kindly ask you as to the nature of this petition?

Is it really the Postal 3 model?

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Oh wow the game was leaked, I see.


I think it’s not been leaked but released in russia.

Why isn’t he pissing on him? I was expecting piss and shovels! Anyways, great pose.

“Look are you gonna’ sign this or will it be your surviving family memebers?”

I’m one to wear clothing that exposes my arms during a snowy day too!